Are you seeking a sporting casual wear to complement your appearance? Are you the first to go for brands from abroad? If you answered yes to all of these questions, and similar ones then you’re on the right track where you will be aware of a shop known as Odesza located within the United States.

Odesza Store Reviews will highlight a variety of important points that will inspire your choice.

It is now your turn to discover other essential information about the business to confirm the legitimacy of the store.

About Odesza:

It’s an online shop offering a broad range of merchandise. Based on our review of the website it serves those who appreciate fashion and provides them with a stunning view.

The categories listed of the items that are available on the website are listed below to help answer ” Is Odesza Store legitimate?”

  • Products featured in the spotlight,
  • Music-related products,
  • Products for men
  • Women’s products
  • Accessories
  • and Yoga Mats.

The number of items within each category is different in each category, there are some that are mixed. However, as far as the design and quality of the items are concerned, they seem to be in line with the words of the brand.

Odesza Store Specifications:

  • Domain Age It was first registered on the 12th of December, 2012 and, as of today, is approximately nine years old and 2 months old.
  • Site URL: –
  • Store category: E-Commerce site.
  • Email: [email protected].
  • Contact Number: Not mentioned.
  • Physical address to Odesza Customer Reviews : – It’s not mentioned.
  • Pay online options for payments: – Not mentioned explicitly. However, they will most likely accept Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, MasterCard, etc.
  • The Returns Policy The purchaser is able to return the item within 60 days of date of delivery of the item.
  • The policy for refunds If the product returned is eligible for a refund and they credit the customer’s account the amount due within four to five working days.
  • Total delivery time approximately three to seven days (for local orders) and 2 to 4 weeks (for international orders).
  • Policy on shipping Shipping to anywhere in the world is availableand the shipping costs differ depending on the location.

Pros for Odesza Store Reviews:

  • The domain is rather old, about 9 years old.
  • As per our sources our sources say that the score for trust on this site is very good.
  • The site provides important data security features.
  • The product’s quality looks good.

Con’s of the website:

  • The Alexa rank of the website is very high.
  • SSL certificate checks of the site indicates there is no public domain.
  • The payment methods aren’t mentioned in detail.
  • Policy information is not provided in a manner that is easy to understand.
  • Contact information is not there.
  • There is no mention of social media on the website.

Is Odesza Store legit?

  • Let’s discover more about the website’s credibility through a straight-to-the-point review that follows.
  • Alexa Rating: Alexa has ranked the site at 11 lakh, which obviously, isn’t an excellent ranking. This ranking raises questions about the backlinks that the site has gotten.
  • Customer Reviews:No customer reviews are displayed on the website as well as the products and there’s no way to do so.
  • Site Trust ScoreAs as per the sources we have the website has 57% trust rating which represents an average.
  • Social Media links The company has not listed or linked to its social media handles to the site, and most likely there isn’t any according to our Odesza Store Reviews.
  • Validity of Contact Address:No concrete address or contact information are listed on the website.
  • Webpage Age Its Domain is approximately nine years old. It was first it was created on December 12, 2012.
  • The site may be fraudulent and fake, since the points above appear suspicious, and there is no way to tell if it has genuine solid points.

User Reviews

Our exhaustive research hasn’t discovered any reviews on the company or the products listed on the site. The entire evidence points to the fact that the store has no customer base or any plans to operate. Visitors should therefore be cautious.


To end to conclude the Odesza Store Reviews It is clear that the items on the website are attractive however, what is more shocking are the factual evidence that proves that the site is not authentic. The customers as well as the users should exercise discretion.

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments box If you have any. Also, what’s your top shopping destination?