Quite a few job categories are compatible regarding employment for people switching careers mid-life. Here are some of the occupations you might consider if you plan to change jobs after 40.

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Become a licensed real estate agent within an industry that is always booming. Some markets are harder to tap than others, and you must first earn your licensure for the state in which you reside. You do not have to be a realtor. You could become a broker, underwriter, or even a real estate investor.

Become A Teacher

You are full of life experiences and have much knowledge to impart to younger people. Teaching is a very rewarding and fulfilling career choice. If you feel this type of opportunity is right for you, there are also substitute teaching roles and tutoring available. You could even teach English to overseas students. Take a look at Tradewind Education to embark upon a teaching career.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is huge in 2021, and there are careers for the taking. You can write posts for various platforms, help site owners with analytics, and you could even build your own website.

Become A Writer

I famously say that you do not become a writer. It is who you are, plain and simple. If you know that writing is one of your strengths, there are plenty of technical writing jobs available. Use those writing skills for leverage and to help you earn extra funds.

Project Management

Do you have strong organizational skills? If you are known for organizing events on a budget and according to a set timeframe, then you are the person for the job. Project managers know how to see things through to the end.

Job Recruiter

Have you ever interviewed someone before? Here you were thinking you were subjecting yourself to multiple interviews, and you might be the one doing the interviewing. An HR job might be just what the doctor ordered. If you are a people person and enjoy office work, then maybe your best bet as a career change is onboarding new employees at a place of business.

Consulting Work

Use your expertise to break into the business field as a consultant. If you have the right knowledge to help companies resolve issues, then a consulting job might be the right fit. Providing guidance to businesses and individuals that need help and further direction is a growing industry.

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