Are you ready and able to take part in the summer holidays in Spain as well as the United States Are you ready to go for summer with casual outfits and cool accessories If so, do you plan on shopping online at e-stores that offer heavy discounts and free delivery? Are you looking for clothing that will suit toddlers this summer, too? provides summer clothing, accessories and shoes that will keep you cool. However, we recommend that you read Nwishop Recommendations before buying.

Brief:, although it was registered and launched in May 2022 is falsely stated on the About Us’ pages that had been around since 2006. says it manufactures apparel and athletic products. However, this claim is generic and is found on several fraudulent websites.

The content of the ‘About Us’ section is stolen from and analysis further shows that products and description were stolen from was found to be a Scam. currently sells 240 items, including:

  1. There are 120 types of shoes
  2. Masks,
  3. Socks,
  4. Innerwear,
  5. Styles for summer that are fashionable
  6. Slippers,
  7. Tracksuits,
  8. T-Shirts,
  9. Cargoes and pants
  10. Baby clothing
  11. Swimsuits,
  12. Sandals, etc.


  • Buy summer clothes and accessories at:
  • Social media Link:Not Included at Nwishop.
  • Starts at $12.00
  • Physical Address: 71 Shelton St., Convent Garden, London-WC2H9JQ, England.
  • Blogs and Customer Reviews:not Supported by Nwishop.
  • Terms And Conditions:unspecified in Nwishop.
  • Privacy policy is mentioned, however plagiarism was found at Nwishop.
  • Phone or Whatsapp Number:unspecified by Nwishop
  • Store locatornot listed on Nwishop
  • Nwishop of Help & FAQ: unspecified by Nwishop
  • Delivery PolicyNwishop provides standard orders within nine days, and express order(chargeable), within five days.
  • Shipping PolicyNwishop takes 48 hours to ship an order via FedEx/UPS, DHL/USPS, USPS and TNT
  • Cancellation Policies:unspecified in Nwishop
  • Tracking: possible with an email address on
  • Return Policies:unspecified by Nwishop
  • Restocking fee:unspecified in Nwishop
  • No Refund Policy: Not Specified on Nwishop
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Only: by PayPal
  • Newsletters Supported By Nwishop


  • provides free shipping on all orders over $35.00
  • offers 50% Discount on All Products, as outlined in Nwishop Comments
  • has detailed product descriptions with images
  • carries 120 styles of unisex shoes
  • offers over 240 varieties of summer clothing and accessories.


  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), which was part of the product description, was used. product with its contents and the product were stolen from
  • It is difficult to contact customer care as the number does not exist and the physical address does NOT show the Nwishop Ltd. offices on the map.
  • Nwishop doesn’t have any policies about refunds or cancellations.
  • has limited payment options
  • The product pages contradict the 50% discount price
  • had a poor interface that did not permit searching, sorting and filtering.

Is Nwishop Legit?

  • Nwishop: 15th Mai 2022 at 7:00 PM.
  • Age: Twenty Six Days.
  • Nwishop. Last updated on: 16th of May 2022 @ 7:00:00.
  • Wishop Expiry: 15th of May 2023, 7:00:00
  • Life expectancy for Nwishop: expires within eleven months and forty days.
  • Trust Index Nwishop obtained a trust Index of 1%.
  • Business Rating:Nwishop ranked 39.4% in the business rankings.
  • The place of origin wasNwishop, which was registered in USA.
  • Status for Blacklisting nwishop is not blacklisted.
  • SSL status:itsIP172.67.200.203 has an SSL certified available for 338 day.
  • Connection Security –Nwishop uses HTTPS protocol.
  • Risk Profile:41%%.
  • Nwishop Reviews of Phishing Score 57%
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 57%.
  • Malware Score43%
  • Spam Score32%
  • Contact personunspecified, Nwishop
  • Social relationships: Nwishop’s pages are not available on any social media platform.
  • Owner’s Contact and Identity:unspecified @ Nwishop

Customer Reviews: appears to be a Scam. One YouTube review and seven site reviews suggest it. Nwishop is also ranked poorly at 2,774,510 Alexa. Be aware of Credit Card Scams in order to avoid fraud. product reviews are not supported. Other than on, there were no user reviews and ratings.

Conclusion: Reviewsconclude a Scam. had a bad Trust Score, Business, Alexa Ranking. scores high for threat, malware, phishing and spam profiles. This makes them unsecure for users and their data. has not been recommended for delivery acknowledgment. We also don’t believe customer testimonials can be trusted.