Are you a fan of Roblox? If so, then the new design must have thrilled you. Are we right? This update was broadcast on behalf of Roblox GPO, making the United States gamers super thrilled. The update represents the advent of Christmas update for 2021 and could bring about the new winter dreamland as well as Cave holms which are now being planned for the celebration.

Recent leaders have been fighting such as Nutcracker Gpo You may also find some specific winter products. Find out all the details in the following data-

Who is Kelvin The Nutcracker?

The Nutcracker is a warden on The Christmas Episode 2021. He is produced by the bonus plant cellar located in Winter Wonderland. He is equipped with 120,000 HP and is able to deliver 60 M1 devastations. The 12 Gingerbread troops surround him. They have 500 HP , and give out 23 M1 damage.

There is also a chance to reduce his festival defense. The chance of this happening is not yet known. But, it’s most likely to be a one to five percent chance to fall Nutcracker Gpo. The best method of defeating the boss is described below on the roof’s lanterns and by using fruits.

What is the reason this trend is happening?

We all know that the final month of the year is filled with excitement, exploration, and amazement. This new Roblox Gpo update is like the cherry on top. Everyone is thrilled about new bosses, islands and islands minibosses, events and so on.

However, crushing this tiny boss, who is guarded by gingerbread people is extremely difficult. This is why people are excited about him, and have made this issue a trending topic.

How to BUG the The Nutcracker 

We understand and can sense your anxiety over grinding the Nutcracker However, happily and jolly we have a few methods to accomplish this. It is essential to follow the steps that are described below.

  • In the first place, you must go down.
  • You’ll then need to find an Elo Hammer to be included in your equipment to be able to do the trick.
  • Following that there will be a lamp then you need to be able to stand on that lamp in order to take a bite of the Nutcracker.
  • After that, you can destroy the gingerbreads by hitting them with a few strikes.
  • In addition, you will find an unusual intersection. Visit that corner to chop the Nutcracker Gpoand make use of to use the Elo Hammers R proficiency.
  • So, turn back to the lamp and saturate your capabilities.
  • Voila! This miniboss is done. This technique is also known by”the Elo Hammer technique that can be employed to harvest Nutcracker quick.

We hope you’ve learned these steps and the particular method to beat this tough boss. We we wish you success in trying and master this.

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In the end the miniboss known as Nutcracker Gpo is a formidable force that make it difficult to crush him initially. However, we’ve compiled a few methods to help you on this subject. We hope and pray that this article will be helpful to you.