Do you consider yourself an Among Us enthusiast? Do you keep track of the top Among Us players? Do you want to learn what is the most No. #1 Among Us player? If yes, then join us.

Among Us is one of the most popular games around the world with a player base bigger than the size of. The majority of players from America United Stateswant to be aware of the top player of the game. This is why, in this article we will look at the number one Us player.

What’s Among Us?

Among Us is an action adventure game. Intersloth is an animation and video game production company with its headquarters within Redmond, Washington DC, created Among Us. Among Us is a Unity Game Engine-based , massively multiplayer sci fi and social detective suspense game.

The game’s video was released on Android as well as iOS in June of 2018, in addition to on PC via Steam the 18th of August, 2018 as well. It is played out by a team of Crewmates, including one who is a fraud or an imposter. Among Us has about 500 million players worldwide in December, 2020.

Learn further about Among Us gameplay before discussing the #1 Among Us Player.

The Among Us Gameplay

The game takes place on an spaceship, an overhead station, a base on the earth or possibly an Henry Stickmin inspired space aircraft carrier that has a team of no more than three alien impostors that could damage the ship’s structures, or planets, and even kill the players.

The members of the squad or crew of Among Us must complete their duties and report the bodies of their fellow crew members who have been killed and hold emergency meetings to find out which players in the group are engaging in criminal or suspicious acts in the game.

What are the No. 1 Us Players ?

The No.1 among us player playing has been identified as Yeti Apocalypse. Yeti is among the most popular Among Us players, having been the winner of the first ever fierce Among Us event organised by FaZe Clan.

He’s an outstanding player who has the right balance between emotion and reasoning. His opponents are thought-out and, let’s be honest that he’s a intelligent person. Yeti was recognized for his ability to play both roles as a Crewmate and Impostor with a sense of balance.

Even though Yeti is no longer in the game Among Us, his Among Us abilities and his popularity make him the number one player.

We now know about the top spot among Us Player Let us know about the other most successful players.

A List of Additional Player’s Top Among Us Player:

  • 5UP5UP has a razor-sharp ability to discern and detect fakes from miles away.
  • Disguised Toast Another well-known Among Us gamer is Corpse Husband. His ability to influence lobby is astounding.
  • Corpe Husband The disguised Toast is a character who has calculated his moves to catch fakes.


The sci-fi adventure game Among Us is making a huge craze across the globe.