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Are you interested in the Nowrain evaluation? So today, we’re reviewing it.

This website offers clothing for women. This website has quickly become a hit and is the focus of attention by the United Statespeople.

We will now be familiarizing ourselves with all details about the website, and especially its legitimacy. You can also read Nowrain Reviews for a detailed description of the website.

Summary of Nowrain

Nowrain, an ecommerce site that sells apparel for women, is a clothing shop. You can also find accessories on their site.

This website was created in 2019, which is only a few years ago. The prices of their products seem reasonable and they offer discounts. They have a wide range of products, including tops and coats, jackets, dresses and jewellery.

Website lacks transparency, failing to provide information on founder identity and year of establishment. Readers continue reading, and you can check Is Nowrain Legit.

Specifications of Nowrain

  • Products: Tops, dresses, coats and jackets for women.
  • Website Link- https://www.nowrain.com/
  • Domainage- Website was established on 2019/10/09.
  • Email Address- connect to [email protected].
  • Contact Phone Number-not given.
  • Address to a Company – is not available.
  • Shipping methods-There’s two types of shipping: Standard and Express.
  • Shipping Timings- US Standard Shipping is 12-20, UK 10-18 and US/UK Express Shipping 7-10 days.
  • Return Policy-Products are to be returned in original condition within 45 day.
  • Newsletter Accessible on-site with Nowrain Reviews
  • Payment methods –Pay by Visa, MasterCard American Express, Discover Card, JCB or PayPal
  • Refund Policies-Refunds will be processed within 7 Days.
  • Exchange Policies – is not available.

Let’s discuss Nowrain’s pros and cons, and then let’s get into the details.

Pros at Nowrain

  • The Nowrain website offers social media accounts.
  • This website is trusted because it has been online for more than two years.
  • SSL integration and HTTPS protocol secure the website.
  • Customers have provided feedback.

Cons of Nowrain

  • Trust score isn’t a standard.
  • Owner information is not currently available.
  • This website has received many negative reviews.

Is Nowrain Legit Or A Scam?

We’ll be going through the criteria that are essential to a site’s legitimacy. This will give an overview of the site. We should discuss it immediately.

  • Trust Score-Trust score was below average with a 40 percent score.
  • Trust rank – ranking is at 77.7%. This makes it standard.
  • Domain Registration Date- Website was created on 2019/10/09 after 2 years.
  • Domain Extension Date- Domain will end on 2023/10/09; therefore, only 1 year remains.
  • Policies-Policies all are given correctly.
  • Content Quality –About US, this content has been 89% copied and pasted from other sites.
  • SocialMedia Presence- Nowrain reviews website are active on several social platforms.
  • Customer Comments – Customer testimonials are available.
  • Save on Selected Products

Customer Comments

With a Trustpilot rating of 1.7, there are mixed reviews. We found only three or four positive reviews.

The company has responded to all negative comments. This is unusual for fake websites. They also have some reviews.

Do you want to know how to receive a refund through PayPal See the Nowrain Articles.

The Bottom Line

Our research showed that this clothing site was quite old and active via social media platforms such the , which has over 8,000 fans. Trustpilot has mixed reviews for this website. The majority of reviews are negative with very few being positive. However, the few positive reviews don’t allow us to assess the website’s credibility.

To make the best decision, please be cautious when purchasing from this website. We recommend you review the site thoroughly.