Did you know there was a car accident in Ohio? We will inform you if we didn’t. A huge car accident in Ohio, United States left a few Cleveland State University students with serious injuries. The huge collision between a student’s car with a vehicle was reported to have occurred in November. According to reports, the injured came from India.

Quite depressing, right? It’s quite depressing, right?

What was the 30th of November?

A few Indian students went on a shopping trip in November and crashed into a bus. Chiru Sai (22 years old), a Suryapet, Telangana native, was killed instantly. A woman from Nalgonda died on the spot, while Chiru Sai, a 22-year-old female, was rushed to hospital.

Continue reading to learn more about Chiru Savi, the 22 year-old victim of a car accident that claimed his life.

Chiru Sai was the victim in a Car accident.

Chiru Sai, 22, hails from Suryapet in Telangana. According to November 30, Car Accident Chiru Sai was pursuing a master’s degree in information systems at Cleveland State University. He also completed his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at SRM University, India.

As he was planning to visit India in 10 Days, he went shopping with friends. He was taken away by his family in Suryapet Telangana after the unfortunate accident.

We have provided information to our readers regarding the background of Chiru Sai, the victim. We will also tell readers about Sai’s friends’ initiative as well as other details.

November 30 Car Accident:

Ohio was the scene of a major car accident. A car carrying an Indian student collided into a bus. This resulted in the death of Chiru Sai, a 22-year old boy, and severe injuries for other passengers.

Chiru’s Indian friend shared their concerns regarding the death of their friend on social media. To support Sai’s family financially, they have started a fundraiser under the name Chiru Sai. This fundraiser currently has $50,000 in contributions. Sai’s sister and father are the 100% beneficiaries.

According to reports, one additional woman fell into a coma immediately after the November 30, Car Accidentincident.


This post summarizes the information we provided to our readers regarding the Ohio incident that killed and injured University students of Indian descent, their history, and how it happened.

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