Are you a passionate reader of novels and a book-lover? Are you looking to find a narrative browsing app for your iPhone? The Novelah app is a must-have for you. Haven’t you? You can also earn money by doing this. This is why it is so well-known in the Philippines. By reading novels and delivering writings, you can build wealth.

But, is Novelah Legit or not? You should be concerned if this is your concern. Let’s look at the answers below.

What is the Novelah Application?

Novelah offers an open app to scan novels and provides an incredible amount of original, genuine, and nice novel suggestions from all genres initially approved by the writers.

By completing assignments such as sign-in, study and proposal, you can gain points and wealth. You will need to present your tasks in order to distinguish yourself from Novelah’s readers.

It’s possible that Novelah Legit, once you are a chartered author, will reimburse you for a reliable and consistent source of earnings.

This is why it’s so trendy

Novelah is the latest money-making platform on which society is going insane. It is easy to join the app and get involved.

This seems to be a reasonable criteria, but scams today shake peoples trust, so they will often look into its legitimacy. This is why it has become so fashionable and controversial.

Is Novelah Legit or Not?

  • Novelah is a completely free app, published by Tom Yang in the United States.
  • Our research shows that it has a great rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.
  • Our exploration is a notable app with a promising rank record on Google Play.
  • Its official website, as per the studies, is beautifully designed with all relevant information.
  • We know from experience that there are many positive and favourable comments about this website.
  • To determine whether Novelah Legit is true or false, it is important to note that signing in and membership are both self-reliant.
  • Earnings might seem small but they are reliable since they have explained every detail, including their cash out process.
  • There are two options to cash-out your income: through GCASH or Paypal.

After reviewing everything, particularly the journals and their analysis, we can confirm that this isn’t a sham site. One can also trust this conclusion.

Also, we’d love to hear about your preferred genre of novels in the comments section below.


Final verdict: We compiled all details about Novelah Legit. Although we were able to identify no scams in the case, it is important that you do thorough research before making any decision. We believe your protection should be in control of you.