Do you still remember those childhood times when your parents told your to “notice bad things, listen for good things” Maybe you are still doing that. If so, we should be generous with gifts and treat them well. A website sells personalized products for loved ones. It is becoming more and more popular in the United States. Today’s article will focus on the Noticegood.

The eyecatching store is an online e-commerce website that offers unique gift ideas for people. They put their creativity into all their products, and claim that they never fail to make people smile. The website is also famous for its after purchase services.

You will be touched by their heartfelt gift products

  • Home decorations (decorated silhouettes and handmade wall pieces, sculpture, metal arts, metal-arts, etc.
  • Customized bracelets. Keychains. Rings. Necklaces.
  • Hair bands
  • Solar garden lights
  • Multi-functional tools: hair curler/diffuser, ice cube tray, etc


Are Noticegood Websites Legit? To get the real answer, we have to review the specifications. This will help us gather information about the site. These are the noticeable website specification details.

  • Customers can buy at:
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Telephone number +447723598988
  • Address information: 1st Floor Beaconsfield Junction 2nd Number 2, A355 Windsor-Drive Bucking Hampshire.
  • Social media activity.
  • Privacy policy. The privacy compliance officer from the notice team has described the way they use the data and the duties they have to protect customer data
  • Customer testimonials Are available for most of the products
  • Originality in content: Only 34% of all articles are original
  • Shipping policy: They will deliver the product in 5-7 days (local). Delivery costs vary depending on where they live and how many products they have purchased.
  • Return policy: This policy applies up to 30 working days. Customers have to return their product no later than 30 days after delivery.
  • Refund policy. All returns will be subject to an inspection.
  • PayPal and card facility are available as payment options.

Noticegood Reviews exist on the site, but we have the responsibility to analyze both its sides.


  • Most of their products get a higher rating.
  • They have uploaded their home office image to the website. It signifies that they have an English office.
  • They deliver the product anywhere in the world.
  • Welcoming discounts for new users

  • Unrealistic discounts
  • They show too many contents on one page. The website is hard to use.
  • Some of their products do not fit into their niche.

Legitimacy evaluation

Is Noticegood Legit? Because if the product has not been involved in illegal activities, it is possible to purchase its products with confidence.

  • Domain age. The notice good website was established on 18/01/2022. The current age of this website is 7months.
  • Domain expiry dates: The notice of good website will expire on the 18/01/2023, expiring in 5 months
  • Name of the Registrar : The website was originally registered under Alibaba cloud computing LTD
  • Data safety: SSL certificate and HTTPS certificates are detected. This is one indicator to denote data protection.
  • Trust index: Just 1 %
  • Reviews: customer opinions are available on our website
  • SEO Score 56%
  • Alexa ranking: 2871236
  • Plagiarism content – 66% of content is plagiarized
  • Company name: Landbase trading

Summary of the good reviews

Customers have given their feedback on many of their products. Most products have received 4.9 or 5-star ratings. We have had many comments on customized gifts for men and woman, including bracelets and rings. People also shared the images of the delivered products in the comment section. The product looks legitimate, but it isn’t.


The Noticegood Reviews article provided a thorough analysis. It scored a low trust score, with more plagiarized material. Therefore, it was not verified as legit. It’s important to be extra cautious and verify the details of the product and website before you buy them.