We’ve been feeding ourselves with untrusted converters; that’s why up until today, we remain mediocre and ineffective. Other people have succeeded in life because they gambled and invested their money in the right tool. If we’ll stay adamant and choose to embrace unworthy converters, becoming better and productive is impossible.

If we gamble on converters that are worth risking, then there’s a great chance that you’ll find a tool that will serve as your partner for the rest of your life. If you’re now willing to take risks, try our PDFBear online converter; this tool is amazingly made and offers you different capabilities that suit your everyday needs. I’ll be putting some of its abilities below to learn more about this converter.

1. PDF to PNG Converter

If you wish to change your document from PDF to PNG image, our PDFBear online tool will help you in any way possible. No need to worry about the quality because this PDF converter always provides its users the best and outstanding outcomes. If you don’t have any idea how to convert PDF to PNG, we’ll give the step-by-step process; in this way, you can really say that the PDFBear converter indeed provides everything you need.

For the primary step, visit the PDFBear website and click the Convert from PDF and then select the PDF to PNG. After that, hit the Select a File Button to begin searching for your file on your computer; if you prepare it ahead of time, you can instantly drag and drop it into the box. After doing that step, our PDF converter will start scanning and uploading your file.

No need to worry about the conversion procedure because it won’t eat much of your time, Pal. Once the PDFBear is finished scanning and uploading the document, you’ll be facing the final step, which is to download the converted PNG image to your computer. 

2. PPT to PDF Converter

If you have an upcoming presentation or you badly want to share your PPT with your colleagues, then try turning it into a PDF for it to be more presentable. If you’re in a rush and want to convert immediately, your problem is just a piece of cake for our PDFbear. No need to worry about the time because you’ll get the converted file in less than one minute.

To begin the operation, go to their site and then choose the PPT to PDF. After performing that step, upload or drag your file going to the center. Once the conversion process finishes up, you now download and save it on any of your devices.

3. Word to PDF Converter

Are you facing difficulties turning your Word files to PDF? If yes, then this process is made for you. Our PDF converter has the ability to deliver you from your current situation as long as your computer or any of your devices has an Internet connection. The conversion is straightforward because the procedure is similar to the processes given a while ago.

Firstly, import the Word file you wish to convert or drop it immediately into the box. After importing your document, click the Convert key to commence the operation. Once the conversion is completed, save the converted file on your computer. Try it now, Pal, and send your file to different devices with so much confidence because the content is intact and well-preserved!

4. PDF to JPG Converter

This PDF converter also has the power to turn your PDF to JPG. You can prepare your PDF earlier than expected if you wish to convert it instantly, but if you haven’t prepared it in advance, you can just find it on your computer. After dragging the file into the box, wait for the conversion to reach its end. For the final step, save the converted file on your computer by hitting the link and downloading it.

5. Excel to PDF Converter

Sharing an Excel file to different computers or devices is unsafe if you’ll not turn it into PDF. Everything you put in there has a big chance to be changed without your knowledge; therefore, always choose to convert it to PDF to avoid such incidents. Our PDFBear can convert your Excel file to PDF or any format you wish to have. Just visit its website and follow the instructions to get the right result.


Certainly, a thought that’s running in your head right now is why we recommend PDFBear over thousands of converters given on the Internet today. The reason is simple; this tool will turn your unproductive days into productive ones because it can do different tasks in just a few taps of your fingers. Give your full trust to the PDFBear because this tool will never let you down!