Pet Simulator X players are attracted by the game’s pet. There are many limited-edition and legendary pets. Players must unlock these pets by using in-game resources.

North Pole Wolf, the legendary pet that you will find in the game. This must be hatched using the egg of many presents and the Christmas tree egg. This topic will be covered later.

Before we get started, let’s learn about North Pole Wolf Pet Sim X. This is why it is so popular in the Philippinesand the United States.

How do you identify North Pole Wolfs in Pet Sim X?

Pet Simulator X has the North Pole Wolf as its legendary pet. It is the most legendary pet in the game. You can also buy it from a mystery seller. The Mystery Merchant is the only seller of exclusive pets in the game. It sells pets for 65% less than the Travelling Merchant.

North Pole Wolf currently is the strongest available pet in the game. It is unlockable at level 3.78b. You can hatch it from the Christmas Tree Egg.

How To Hatch North Pole Wolf Pet Sim X

Pet Simulator X players would like to know how to unlock the legendary pet. It is possible to get the pet within the game, but it must be hatched.

Legendary pets can only be obtained by players who have the egg of many presents. The likelihood of getting the pet varies depending on your level.

Because it is the strongest legendry pets in the game, players love it. Players who are able to get the North Pole Wolf Pet Sim currently dominate the game. In addition to the above, Mystery Merchant players can also purchase the legendary pet for 65% less than Travelling Merchant.

How do you unlock the North Pole Wolf’s Christmas Tree Egg?

The North Pole Wolf can only be unlocked by unlocking the Christmas Tree Egg. To unlock the Christmas Tree Egg players will have to visit the Christmas World.

However, it costs 400K in-game currency. However, in order to hatch the golden variation, players must spend 3.5M of their in-game resources. The Christmas Tree Egg must be obtained in the game before you hatch North Pole Wolf Pet Sim X.


Pet Simulator X online game has a large fan base and a high player count. The game’s main attraction is its legendary and rare pets. However, they are not easy to find in the game. Players will need to hatch their pet using the Egg of Many Gifts or Christmas Tree Egg.

The North Pole Wolf is the legendary pet you can hatch in the game. Get the Christmas Tree Egg if you’re interested in North Pole Wolf Pet Simulation X.