North Construction is a leading Vancouver construction company. It was born in 1994 when founder Kevin Webb combined his passion for aviation with his extensive experience in civil construction. In business for more than a quarter of a century as a heavy construction contractor, North Shore has plenty of unique and challenging projects to its credit. 

Fiercely protective of its reputation for “building it right”, North Shore makes a commitment to high-quality construction, work safety and protecting the environment on every project. 

Not Just Your Run-of-the-Mill Vancouver Construction Company

North Construction specializes in building in tough terrains and sensitive environments and as a Vancouver construction company, the opportunities to do so are endless. From providing winter operations to ski lodges on the North Shore mountains in the dead of the night to restoring the pristine natural beauty of Dorman point – North Shore finds innovative, technically advanced, and cost-effective solutions to complete high-quality construction projects.

Challenging Terrain/Eco-Sensitive Construction

Whether it’s a remote site that can only be accessed by a helicopter or an eco-sensitive marine environment, North Construction has the expertise and the equipment to complete your project. 

Olympic Venues

North Construction constructed all the venues on Cypress Mountain for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, creating a new sport of their very own on slopes of more than 60 degrees – extreme excavations.

Project Rescue

If you have a project that looks seemingly impossible to complete due to poor management or design, North Construction can bring it back on track by providing design assistance, innovation, fully transparent real-time project costing, and safety oversite.

Civil Construction, Excavation and Project Management

Whether it is underground utilities installation or the construction of a new highway, North Construction has the latest tech and equipment to make sure your project is completed on time and within budget.

Ski Resort Development

The go-to for anything to do with snow and slopes, North Construction can help with your ski resort project in every aspect – from conceptualization and project management to ski lift installation.

Construction Technology and Drone Survey

Along with Spitfire Drone Surveys, North Construction offers services like modelling, quantity take-offs, design assistance, progress tracking, aerial imaging, and environmental monitoring.

Green Energy Generation

With over 15 years of experience in water and wind generation, North Construction provides design assistance, consulting, and construction for new projects for Independent Power Producers.

The North Construction Advantage

North Construction is a BC Construction Safety Alliance Certified Vancouver construction company with exceptional safety and on-time record. 

North Construction has the latest tech to give clients benefits and cost savings gained from real-time live updates and field downloads, progress monitoring, GPS, PPK and PRK grade control.

With decades of civil construction expertise between them, a passion for the industry, and profound respect for the environment, no challenge is too difficult for the North Construction team. This can-do attitude has built and maintained long-term relationships with clients. Some of North Construction’s clients have been with them for over 20 years! 

If you have an eco-sensitive construction project or one that everyone says is impossible to do contact the North Shore team to turn your vision into reality today.