Are you a furparent? This will help you to see how our four-legged friends can transform our lives and make us happy. These fur babies are a source of unconditional love unlike any other in the world. Pet ownership is on the rise in both the United Kingdom of the United States.

With great love and affection comes the sorrow of losing that source of affection and love. Sometimes the loss they leave behind can be irreparable. A YouTube family was recently forced to make the terrible decision of announcing the end of their furry friend.

These are the details on what happened with Norris Nuts Dog Bubba.

Who are Norris Nuts?

Norris Nuts refers to the YouTube channel associated with an Australian family. This channel was initially not set up as a family channel. Instead, it was Sabre Norris who initiated it. Sabre Norris, her parents and her siblings joined the channel later. The channel posts videos of the family doing different things and overcoming challenges.

Sabre Norris wasn’t new to fame. She was already a popular skateboarder and surfer before she joined the YouTube community. She has received many awards and has been a guest star on multiple talk shows.

Norris Nuts Dog Bubba

The family elders did not have any sad news to share with their viewers on 28 July 2021. Bubba, the dog in the family, was killed in an accident. Mom Brooke (the dad) and Brooke (the mom) recorded a detailed video that explains what happened to Bubba.

According to the information, it was an accident that caused their deaths. They were obviously affected by this event. Norris discusses the heartbreak and the ways they are coping in the video.

Just five days before the tragedy, the Norris Nuts Dog Bubba arrived in the family’s lives. The family shared a video in which they surprised the kids by giving them this puppy on July 24, 2021.

People’s Responses

People were divided about the news. Fans who have known the family for a long time offered support and understanding. Commenters offered condolences, assurances and prayers for Justin.

People who knew Justin’s family said how kind he is and how much they loved him. It’s evident that Norris Nuts Dog Bubba is loved by many.


It is difficult to lose someone who gave so much joy in such short time. Family members are fortunate to have the support and understanding from their viewers to get through this.

The family will require support from viewers for the rest of their lives to deal with the trauma caused by the freak accident.