As popular as surgical methods of fat redistribution and removal may have been ten years ago, there’s been a large push for people to try ways that don’t involve surgery. 

Many of these forms of redistribution are newer and are still a learning science, but each of these has shown incredible results and have become highly popular with patients.

If you want fat redistribution, here are the top ways to go about this!

Low-Level Laser Therapy

Lasers have been used in everything from correcting vision issues to removing tattoos and hair; it can be strange to think it can simply redistribute the fat in portions of your body as well. 

Low-level laser therapy does this by breaking down lipids and encouraging the body to dissolve fatty tissue.  This means that striking results can be viewed within four weeks of the beginning of this therapy.

Cryolipolysis (Coolsculpting)

As an opposite of laser therapy, Coolsculpting in Wilkes-Barre, PA uses round paddles that super freeze to help reduce and break down fat particles under your skin. 

This can reduce the appearance of cellulite and get rid of fat in troublesome areas like the stomach, upper arms, and thighs.  Although this is a newer form of fat removal, it’s incredibly popular and has a big following of fans who swear by it.

This can be a little uncomfortable to go through, but it’s very effective and has many scientific studies backing it up.


Radiofrequency is another seemingly off-the-wall form of fat reduction until you think about how it works and what it does for the body.  By traveling through the fat itself, radio frequencies can break down the cells and allow them to move and dissolve so that the appearance of fat is less noticeable. 

Unfortunately, this form of fat reduction is still highly controversial since many medical professionals claim it doesn’t give good enough results to warrant the need for it.


When most of us think of ultrasounds, we think about pregnancies or even tumors, but few immediately think of fat redistribution.  Using ultrasound technology works similarly to a mix between low-level laser therapy and radiofrequency but with more results than radiofrequency.  

This can be extremely handy for very targeted fat reduction and can give you the chance to sculpt your body into one that you’re proud of and excited to show off at beaches in the summer.

There’s No Easy Method 

Unfortunately, there’s no easy method to redistribute fat without surgery that’s a perfect fit for everyone.  Many people want different things for their bodies, including other treatments and various types of non-invasive procedures.

Don’t try to rig any of these treatments on your own or double up, instead talk to a medical professional about your concerns and ask what they think the best option for your body type would be. 

The most effective of these is Coolsculpting, so if you’re unable to make up your mind, or it seems hard to tell which process can give you the best results, give this one a try, and you won’t be disappointed.