Have you solved the previous five-day puzzle on 5th March 2022? Do you know the answer which were developed in the latest version of the puzzle of The New York Times? If not, check below to find out more!

The players of Australia,the United Kingdom,the United States and India are more intrigued in the unlimited puzzle that has added a five word letter that has a the letter ‘M’ between them. Find out more information about the specifications and the list of five words on their official website , along with Vomer Wordle solution.

Is Vomer A New Version For Wordle Or An Answer For Wordle 320?

Wordle Vomer is not a updated version and is not the correct answer to the puzzle number 320! The number 5 of April 2022 talks about the 5 letters with a the letter ‘M’ between them.

Based on the findings, it is clear that the right answer to the 5th April wordle was HOMER. The correct answer is HOMER, not Vomer. Learn more about the list which is identical to the five letters words in the Vomer Wordle!

Hints for games from 5th April

The clues for puzzles is as follows:

  • The word should consist comprised of 5 letters.
  • It is a’m’ the third position.
  • The NO Letter cannot be repeated.
  • The word is a reference to the work of a Greek author.
  • It is akin to the people from Iliad in addition to Odyssey.

However, the answer to 5th April, 320 number puzzle was “HOMER”.

Game rules

Wordle is among the most played and popular games that has become famous over time. There are certain rules that make the game more enjoyable and regulate it. Vomer Wordle can be an example of a similar type that has to be put on hold. Be sure to follow the guidelines below for:

  • Wordle games must contain 5 word phrases for an unlimited version.
  • It is only possible to try 6 times to fill in the blank with the correct answer.
  • The change in color from grey to green will allow you to determine if your guess is right.
  • The yellow, green as well as grey tile make it fascinating to understand the idea.

Five word combinations that contain “M” in between

  • Aimer
  • armer
  • Comer
  • Cimar
  • damar
  • dimer
  • Demur
  • emmer
  • Femur
  • fumer
  • gamer
  • homer
  • Humor
  • jumar
  • Lemur
  • lamer
  • mimer

Why is Vomer Wordle Trending?

It’s trending due to the new words with the word msd center the world is becoming famous for players. With the latest version of The New York Times, users are more engaged when they questions on the official website!


In the final report, the news offers details about the five word letters in the center position, as well as their responses to Wordle.

The answer for the 5th April is VOMER. Write your answer to the 5th April puzzle! Did you find the article helpful about Vomer Wordle?