Nokia 1100 is one of the oldest phones from the Nokia Company. It is Launched. This is the Nokia 1100 launch date in India is the end of 2003. It’s essentially a black and white phone. Nokia 1100 classic phone has three fundamental colors, white, black and blue. They are only used for calling purposes. There were no android phones. Don’t forget the other features. At the time, the Nokia 1100 price In India would be INR 5000 for this phone. The initial battery price was about INR 700 at the time.

Nokia 1100 Top Features:

The Battery Backup feature is the most important aspect of the phone. When fully charged it can last about 10 to 15 days. These phones are good for seniors.

Nokia 1100 has a torch or flashlight. People can use it at the time of load shedding.

The network coverage of this phone is extremely good. It does not matter that if you are in an area where the network is not strong Nokia 1100 will always be in a position to call.

Nokia 1100 phone over Android phone:

Nokia 1100 phone is manufactured some time ago. It’s old-fashioned with a keypad. The display is small as compared to android phones. So Don’t think about comparing the android phone with it. It is impossible to compare a bicycle to an Aeroplane. But there are some features on this phone that could beat Android or the latest phones.

The cover of the Nokia 1100 phone is a normal plastic cover. This phone is not a dual sim phone.


Nokia 1100’s battery Nokia 1100 is only 1020 mah. We all know that the battery of Android phones is a minimum of 3000 mah. If you charge an Android phone to its maximum capacity, it will last 2 days hardly and if you charge Nokia 1100 phone it will run for 7 to 10 days. Because of this, there are people in India who are still using their phones. The people who require to talk more often are using these Nokia phones. In reality, there aren’t any additional features such as cameras, Internet, etc in Nokia 1100. There is also no possibility for battery drain.


Smartphones and Android phones have many features but when you are located in an undeveloped area or in an area where the network is not reliable, it is impossible to call using these phones. There is a benefit of using the Nokia 1100 phones. It doesn’t matter where you are at the moment. If there is a weak signal then also you can utilize Nokia 1100 to make a phone call. It will disappoint you.

Phone longevity:

We all know that you can not use a smartphone for longer than 2 to 3 years. And if it goes missing, simply go to a retailer and purchase a new device. The more expensive the phone you have the more it will damage. Therefore, it is best to get a new model rather than repair this one.

There are a few people around the world who have brought this phone back in the year 2003. continue to use this phone. Don’t ask how long it will last. If you use a Nokia 1100 phone then you do not have to be concerned about taking care of that phone when you use it. If it falls off your hand, it will damage the tiles on your floor. The phone will remain in the same state.


We all know that smartphones are massive. If you’re only carrying a tiny pocket you have to carry your smartphone in your hand. Some people use another bag to carry their smartphone only. If you own the Nokia 1100 phone you can comfortably carry it. It is small enough that you don’t need an additional bag to carry it.

Nokia 1600

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Nokia 1600 was among the most successful phones from the Nokia company at the time. It was launched in the year 2005. It was among the top phones produced by Nokia. It’s likely to be the first color handset of the Nokia company.

Nokia 1600 Main Features:

In reality, there is no feature in practically the Nokia 1600 phone as compared to the most modern smartphones. However, at the time, this phone was a popular choice for people who bought it.

Talking Clock:

The feature of a talking clock is. It will notify you at the time. It’s great for people who are blind.

Battery Backup:

The battery backup on the phone is excellent. If one charges it 100 percent it will last for 10 days.


The network catching power in these handsets is excellent. Even in a weak signal area you can easily call and talk to someone.

Loudspeaker facilities:

It is likely to be the first Nokia phone to has an audio speaker.