This article provides all the latest information about the No Masks incident at Emmys.

The Emmys are the latest award show in the United States. There were thousands of celebrities who enjoyed the Emmys as they do every year. The audience wasn’t happy that they didn’t follow the most basic precaution of wearing masks. Today’s article will examine all the backlash and information regarding the Emmys’ news’ No Masks at Emmys’ .

Emmys 2021:

Emmy Awards 2021 was the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards and took place on September 19, 2021. Paramount + and CBS broadcast the function live in the United States as it took place at the Event Deck of L.A. Live. This entertainment complex is located in Los Angeles, California. The nominees for each award were announced via a virtual event that was held before the main event on 13 July 2021. Cedric, an Entertainer, hosted and 28 other people presented the ceremony. This year, they took Covid-19 too lightly. Let’s learn more about No Masks at Emmys.

What Covid- 19 safety precautions were followed by the Emmys

  • Jimmy Kimmel hosted last year’s ceremony online from Staples Center. All nominees were present in a virtual meeting.
  • In the beginning, it was planned that they would host the event at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.
  • They were also concerned about the Covid-19 Delta variant and its increasing cases in California.
  • It was therefore announced that the event would be held at L.A. Live, a smaller indoor outdoor venue with limited attendance.

Emmys No Masks

Twitter users vented their frustrations and were disappointed by the Emmys’ lack of covid-19 preventive measures. They felt sorry for frontline workers who are often left without coverings while celebrities go about their lives in masks. The stars don’t believe rules are for the little people and they don’t preach what their prayers. The viewers also pointed out that millions of people, both school-going and employed, still wear masks every single day, even though they have been vaccinated. Celebrities didn’t do it at any mass gathering.

Seth Rogan’s reactions and those of other celebrities:

Cedric was the Entertainer and made jokes about the flu pandemic. Fans loved Seth Rogan’s open and honest discussion about the unsafe environment Emmys were in. He pointed out that the event took place indoors and was jam-packed full of people. He made a clever joke about how he switched from cleaning his groceries at his home to being a celebrity who sneezed in his face.

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Celebrities should be role models in taking care of others and ourselves, according to us. We are glad that Emmys headlines such as No Masks @ Emmys set bad examples and that fans are willing to point them out.

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