Tyler Ninja is losing followers up to 90% and this is the hottest topic to discuss online. Tyler Ninja is a famous Fortnite streamer and is no longer the most popular broadcaster on Twitch after losing followers.

Tyler Ninja is a streamer from the United States who lost 90% of his followers in the last ten months. Losing followers made him the 11th most subscribed streamer after Michael Grzesiek.

Losing followers is a great loss for the streamer as it not only put him on the list but also cut down on his subscription income.

Who is Tyler Ninja?

Richard Tyler Blevins is an online gaming pro and video game streamer better known by his nickname Ninja. Born on June 5, 1991 in the United States, Ninja began streaming by participating in various esports teams in the competitive Halo3 games.

The Ninja gradually rose to fame after playing as a pro in Fortnite Battle Royale in late 2017. It gradually gained popularity among other streamers and beat the largest number of viewers on Twitch, surpassing over 16 million followers.

He was the most watched and subscribed sensation on Twitch since December 2020. However, things changed when he started losing followers by 90%.

Why is Ninja losing followers?

Ninja, the famous video game streamer, started losing subscribers and followers, and this is the platform’s biggest loss. The streamer has millions of followers on the platform that suddenly started unregistering the Ninja channel.

It is not officially explained why the Ninja suffered such the greatest loss. The streamer has lost over 90% of followers and subscribers in the last ten months. According to the gaming community, 2020 was a year of controversy. That is why it can be the cause of such a large loss.

Previously, when the streamer was on hiatus for two days, he lost 40,000 followers. This is due to pressure from other streamers who consistently create fresh content. This may be the reason why Ninja is losing followers.

What is the impact of losing Twitch followers?

Ninja lost 90% of its followers, dropping to 26,000 followers from a whopping 263,000 subscribers. This not only put the streamer in 11th position, but also affected his earnings.

Twitch subscribers must purchase a monthly subscription by paying a certain amount. They have to pay their Twitch partner monthly to support their favorite channels. Monthly subscriber payments are the source of income for most streamers on the platform.

Since the number of followers dropped to 26,000, monthly income has decreased. As Ninja is losing followers, the monthly subscription income has dropped to $ 130,000 per month.


Ninja is a famous streamer who also embellished the cover of ESPN magazine. He was once the most-subscribed streamer on the Twitch platform. However, the situation changed and he began to lose his followers.

The cause of the subscriber’s decline is unknown, but it significantly impacted the platform’s and streamer’s revenue. He positioned the streamer in 11th position with a monthly income of $ 130,000. The streamer only has 26,000 subscribers after the followers on the platform collapse.

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