Man Sitting on Edge Facing Sunset

Are you planning to visit Pigeon Forge, the scenic town sitting in the mountains deep in the heart of Sevier Country? I suppose you are nodding your head in affirmation. In that case, you are going to a place bursting with numerous fun activities that attract people of all ages.  

Pigeon Forge is a natural paradise and has spectacular landscapes. Besides glamorous topography, the city has a lot of fun-filled activities on offer. Outdoor enthusiasts can get an adrenaline rush while rafting or zorbing. Entertainment lovers can enjoy theatre and musical shows or visit theme parks, and nature admirers can indulge in multiple activities in the city. 

Whether you are a history buff, music enthusiast, or love to stay up close with nature, Pigeon Forge will not disappoint you. 

Given below are some of the fun things to do while you stay in the mountain resort city in Sevier County.  

  1. Watch Lumberjack Feud

You cannot miss Lumberjack Feud Show while holidaying in Pigeon Forge. Instead of a show, you can call it an old-fashioned competition that lasts for about one hour. McGraw and Dawson’s families come against each other in 13 different events. Watching them throw axes, speed climbing on logs, springboard chopping wood, and doing other activities pump your heart and keep you enthralled.

The unique aspect of the show is an outdoor theatre. However, you do not have to worry about weather conditions as the overhang will protect you. It is one of the most entertaining shows in pigeon forge that you should visit.  

  1. Hike on the Great Smoky Mountains Park. 

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is one of the hottest spots in the state of Tennessee. You cannot miss out on this natural paradise while visiting Pigeon Forge. 

Hike the rugged and majestic Smokey Mountains of the Appalachian Trail and witness the mesmerizing views. The higher you go, the more spectacular scenes you will see that will leave you amazed. Adventurous visitors can camp in the mountains and see spring wildflowers, mushrooms, trout, other aquatic species, massive bears, and elks.

  1. Raft through the Smokies

Rafting is a thoroughly enjoyable outdoor activity that gives you thrilling experiences. You may have done rafting in other areas, but rafting in the Pigeon Forge River is unlike any other rafting experience. On the 5.5 miles long route, you will see fascinating natural views. 

The good aspect is you do not have to be experts in rafting, and novices can also enjoy it. Additionally, you can also get a chance to stir the still water of Pigeon Forge River with your swimming strokes.

  1. Enjoy the Rides in Dollywood

If you are planning to visit Pigeon Forge, it is unlikely that you would not have heard of the famous Dollywood Adventure Theme Park.  

Dolly Parton, the famous singer, created it in partnership with the Herschend family. The park features some heart-pumping, jaw-dropping rides designed to thrill you and some kid-friendly rides and games for some family fun. Dollywood Express is a famous train that can house up to 550 guests in seven cars and gives 30 minutes rides every hour. 

Dollywood also has a waterpark with several pools, splash pads, and spiraling slides. When you visit the mountainous town Pigeon Forge, you cannot miss Dollywood, as it is a place for people of all ages.

  1. Get Thrilling Experiences at Lazerport Fun Center

If you are a kid, a teen, or feel young at heart, Lazerport Fun Center is the place to go and indulge in thrilling Laser Tag games with your family or friends. You can play the heart-pounding match in pitch dark, where you run, dodge, and take cover. Additionally, the center has mini-golf and ax throwing. You can bring your friends in and have an epic ax battle. The Go-Kart has spiraling tracks that twist you and drop you down a 40-foot hill. The place is specifically for thrill-seekers and some great family fun. 

  1. Visit the Adventurous Park at Five Oaks

The park located in the wonderland of Smoky Mountains is a must-visit place while you are in Pigeon Forge. The fantastic part about the park is that it has something for everyone. Whether you want to experience an adrenaline rush or want to relax, Adventurous Park at Five Oaks will not disappoint you. 

Adventurous Park at Five Oaks will give you lifelong memories. Zipline tours allow you to watch the magnificent town with incredible panoramic views as you zip over the great mountain range. You can enjoy an hour-long ride on horses on a 3.5-mile trail passing through streams, tall trees, and overlooking mountains.  

  1. Enjoy at Hollywood Wax Museum

Another must-visit place in the beautiful city of Pigeon Forge is Hollywood Wax Museum. It is a two-level museum, covering 22,000 square feet and containing all the glitz of glamorous Hollywood, and you can be up close with wax figures of celebrities. Aside from the film fraternity, it features wax figures of many music legends, including Michael Jackson. The museum has other fun areas, such as the castle of chaos, outbreak, and Hannah’s maze of mirrors.

  1. Have Fun at the Comedy Barn Theatre

While you are on the Great Smoky Mountain vacation, you can get the laughter medicine at the Comedy Barn Theatre. The show runs for 1.5 hours and offers clean jokes and magic. You can laugh out loud with your kids all around. As they proudly claim ‘a night of thousand laughs guaranteed,’ a show at comedy barn theatre leaves you wanting for more. 

  1. Experience Zorbing at Outdoor Gravity Park

Another must-do activity in Pigeon Forge is to experience zorbing in Outdoor Gravity Par. The amusement park features different zigzag tracks over the hills. You can roll down in an orb through crooked, winding paths. The transparent plastic ball allows you to watch the views while you slip and slide down the green expanse of hills. Outdoor Gravity Park is a one-of-a-kind place where you can get wet while zorbing, which no other park offers. 


Pigeon Forge, a city in Sevier country, is a place that will give you lifelong memories. The town sits in the mountains and offers spectacular views. In addition, Pigeon Forge is famous for its variety of cuisines. It has become one of the great attractions where people of all ages and different tastes come to have the time of their life. No matter how many days you spend in the beautiful mountain town, you always return home with a promise of returning soon.