Ngrave Zero Review: Do you want your online device to store cryptocurrencies? Then you are in the right place, because here we have a device that fully meets your needs and you can take advantage of it. The device is gaining too much popularity among US residents because it changes the rules of the game and has the power to turn fortunes.

However, some are worried about the new technology implemented by this Ngrave company and want to know how beneficial it is.

Moreover, some say it is unreliable which is why we are here to find Is Ngrave Zero Legit.

A few words about Ngrave Zero

Simply put, it is a hardware device and digital asset with which a user can store their cryptocurrencies and it contains an offline wallet key.

The best thing about such wallets in the US is that they don’t need any internet connection and no applications will be supported, so this reduces the risk of a cyber attack. The product suite cooperates with leading institutes of nanotechnology, computer security, industrial cryptography and the Intercollegiate Microelectronics Center (IMEC).

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Ngrave Zero specifications

• The product belongs to Ngrave.

• Consists of Graphene (serves as a backup), Zero (hardware wallet) and Liquid (Ngrave application).

• The dimensions are 125 mm × 72 mm × 14 mm.

• Density is a four-inch color (high pixel).

• There is an “on” button on one side.

• Has graphene and is EAL7 certified.

• This is a touch screen device with a fingerprint reader (12 mm × 12 mm), light sensor, and camera (640 × 480).

• Includes custom firmware and a 1200mAh battery.

• Supports all coins and over 1000 ERC20 tokens.

• Cost: $ 334 (ZERO) and $ 418 (ZERO AND GRAFEN).

Advantages of using Ngrave Zero

Here we have some positive aspects of using Ngrave Zero as listed below:

• The wallet is well protected according to the Ngrave Zero review.

• Works as a cryptocurrency store.

• There is no risk of attacks as there is no Internet connectivity as their people do not need to install any applications.

• It is the best hardware wallet in the cryptocurrency market.

• The device was made in full presence of the world’s highest rated nanotechnology institutes.

• It is handy and fits easily in a pocket.

• The wallet is water and dust resistant.

Disadvantages of using the Wallet

• The price is a bit steep and therefore it seems not very easy on the pocket.

• The product is too new.

Is Ngrave Zero legal?

Entering the product, we found it to be an innovation in the cryptocurrency market. All users are too pleased to develop a product that does not require internet stability and fits easily in a pocket.

On the other hand, the price may be a stumbling block for some people, but the features and security are worthy enough. Therefore, the product is legal.

What are the Ngrave Zero reviews from customers?

Finding out what customers are saying about this wallet without internet, we found many reviews on social media on its official website. Users are too excited about this wallet and mark it as an innovation in cryptocurrencies. They also recommend a wallet, because developing such a unique and safe device is an attractive approach of experts from various institutes.

Customers are too excited to receive their wallet ASAP. However, the cost may be worrying to some, but certified features and security measures are enough to cover it.

Therefore, from the buyer’s point of view, everything is good with the wallet, and they recommend it all.


After researching all aspects of the product in the Ngrave Zero Review, we found the product too good in terms of safety and far from being attacked. It is also based on new technology and customer feedback is also favorable to this hardware wallet.

But the wallet is too new to the market so it is advisable to do the appropriate research first and then proceed with the purchase. Buyers can pre-order on their official website. The rest, we need to keep an eye on overuse and product performance.

Write your opinions on the product in the comments section below. We will be happy to help you.