Are you looking for Non-Fungible Tokens that are distinct and have a futuristic significance? You’re in the right spot. This article focuses on the NFT project that has been getting attention from collectors and investors of Canada, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The NFTs are becoming more popular every day and benefits of the arts of NFTs are only going to increase on the upwards. The NFTs we’ll discuss are unique in their approach called Women of Crypto .

Let’s talk about more NFT women in Crypto and more details in this article.

What is The Women of Crypto NFT?

As stated above as mentioned above, it’s an NFT which can be bought as a gift in exchange in exchange for Ethereum cryptocurrency. of Crypto is a women’s collection of Crypto is a 3D rendered avatar collection consisting of 8888 women , which is the first or the primary of its kind. Female avatars, or characters, have distinctive physical traits and personality characteristics, as well as backgrounds and accessories.

The goal of the officials in these NFT is to help women to participate in the world of crypto and to eliminate the gender disparity or gap in the crypto world. On February 3 the NFTs were officially was launched on Opensea marketplace, which is one of the most well-known NFT marketplaces.

Founders of The NFT Women of Crypto

The people behind this project look extremely professional and positive. The person who started this project also referred to herself as an “Women of Crypto” in its official website. Below is the list of people who work on this project:

  • AMY MATSUSHIMA – Founder, Women of Crypto.
  • Manav – Head of Marketing.
  • Maeli – Co-creative Director.
  • Divya – UI/UX designer.
  • Ann-Marie, Community Outreach.

You can learn more details about the team members by visiting their social profiles , which are available on the official website that is part of The NFT women of Crypto.

Some Key Takeaways of Women of Crypto Project

A lot of collectors and investors need to be aware of the exact process and the NFT project. Here are some key points that can help you understand the project’s details:

  • Blockchain – It’s an extension of the Ethereum blockchain. The token type is an ERC-721 token.
  • The launch date is February 3 2022.
  • Marketplace – Opensea.
  • Total collectibles – 8888.

What Are The Uses Of This Women of Crypto NFT Project?

There are many possibilities that can be made of the NFT art. Some of these uses are listed below:

  • You can make use of the NFT women of Cryptoas an avatar in the metaverse.
  • Make use of the picture on various social media as a post or profile photo.
  • You’ll enjoy many members-only benefits as well as gain access to special events.

The Concluding Remarks

NFT projects are worthy of taking a look at, and you should check this one thoroughly and conduct the necessary research before you decide accordingly. One thing that can help you in your research is the community.