Do you have a fascination with the new collection non-fungible tokens relating to ancient Japanese warriors. If so, continue reading this article to find out all you need about this hot topic.

The token will be a digital token for the benefit of token holders. Token purchasers can also use the characters when gaming. To learn more about the NFT Samurai Saga, please read to the end.

About Samurai Saga Collection

The Samurai Saga Collection is made up of 9999 distinct collections of digital arts from different Samurais types. Additional features of the Samurais include legends, champions, foot soldiers, and rare legends. The NFT value will determine the value of your token.

NFTs are distinguished by their unique weapons, backgrounds, and physical characteristics. ERC-721 allows you to build rare art collections. Out of 9999 NFTs available, 69 Samurai will be reserved for promotional and giveaway activities as well as rewards.

NFT Samurai Saga

  • Samurai Saga includes samurais wearing different costumes and weapons. Digital art converts the NFTs in to a more modern form of 3D art.
  • The NFT Collection is unique in that it was randomly created without any predetermined order.
  • All NFTs contain the most modern Samurais available and ready to join a war.
  • Samurai Saga NFT owner can use their owned character on different gaming modes.
  • The NFT’s price determines how skilled the NFT is.
  • The token holders will be rewarded according to the value of their NFTs.

Samurai Saga Team

  • Sensei Vedran, the principal developer of NFT Samurai Saga, is responsible.
  • Sensei DINO is the principal artist behind this NFT-based collection.

Samurai Saga Marketplace

  • There are 9999 Samurai Saga NFs. 463 of them are listed on OpenSea.
  • Currently, there is a total number of 188 NFT-owners for this collection.
  • The current floor for these NFTs’ is 1.15 ETH.
  • OpenSea enables NFT trading in excess of 105ETH.

How can I purchase Samurai Sagas?

  • Visit the OpenSea website.
  • Connect your wallet to this platform. Metamask and Trustwallet platforms make it easy to create a new wallet. Learn about NFT Samurai Saga.
  • Make sure you have enough ETH cryptos in your connected wallet.
  • Choose the NFT which must be purchased via the OpenSea platform.
  • To complete the purchase, you will need to pay the NFT amount in ETH. A gas fee of ETH is required for users who purchase NFTs.


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