Hasbulla magomedov is a prominent blogger and a famous writer. Mini Khabib is his famous role in the United Kingdom Australia and Canada. Hasbulla is very similar to Khabib Nürnbergomedov. Hasbulla shared many videos of Khabib Nürnbergomedov on his social networks accounts. Hasbulla is only eighteen, but due to a rare condition, he looks more like a five-year old child.

Hasbulla had launched HSBL Currency. This article will give you more information about Hasbulla

About Hasbulla NFT:

Hasbulla first shared his videos as a hobby. Soon, however, he realized the popularity of his posts. His appearance, and even his illness became hot topics. Hasbulla made headlines in a MMA match against Abdu Rozik. Recently, Hasbulla’s social media account was shut down after he threatened to murder someone who had posted a video about his sister without her permission.

Hasbulla became a popular figure and he began work on a crypto project. Hizbullah released his digital art photos in 2021 on 17th December. Hasbulla is working actively to promote his NFT social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and etc.

How does work

Hasbulla NFT utilizes fiat stable coin algorithms to create programmable transactions, to build financial infrastructure, and to rebuild conversational payments stacks in the blockchain network.

  • You can buy Hasbulla NFT. Then stack it until the NFT’s price increases.
  • Once you achieve the desired profit you can sell Hasbulla NFT.
  • Four percent of transactions are set to increase floor price.
  • Hasbulla NFT holder receives five percent from every transaction

Hasbulla NFT Price:

  • HSBL Liquidity: 1,199.477 $(0.00%)
  • HSBL:0.000150000000 $1
  • Market Capital:7.500.00 $
  • NFT Hasbulla Trading Volume 24h: 0.00 $
  • Market Cap/Volume:
  • Transactions 24h: 0. (0.00%)
  • 24h Lower / 24h Higher: unavailable
  • All Time Record: Not Available
  • All time low: unavailable
  • 24h
  • 7d – 0.00%
  • Total supply:50,000,000 HSBL
  • Circulating Supply 50,000,000
  • Decimals: 10
  • Contact address: 0x8bdcfaeb12cf9c7d701d8d1f0215455fe5851dc6

Hasbulla NFT Price prediction:

Hisbulla NFT has just been launched and price predictions from crypto experts are in the works.

Where to buy Hasbulla NFT –

  • Metamask wallet logon
  • Metamask wallet adds BSC network with chain ID 56
  • Send your $BNB to Metamask with the purchase of BNB
  • Logon to Pancakeswap. Connect Metamask and buy NFT hasbulla.
  • Add 12% slippage. Search for $HasbullaToken, and click on switch


Therefore, it is best to wait and watch the market trend for investment before you make any decisions. Hasbulla NFT could be boosted by Hasbulla NFT because of its popularity. It will only be for the long-term.