Currently, there are many already well-established casino games that make use of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins. However, there are many newly crafted still growing and ready to make a mark on the history of online gambling. Two of them that users must try are given below- 


Zec Dice is a popular casino game played with the cryptocurrency ZCash. Zcash was established and launched in 2016, and it quickly gained popularity in the gambling world because of its anonymity. Unlike its larger brother, Bitcoin, all Zcash transactions may be easily made private by obscuring transaction information from the blockchain, such as the sender and recipient of the cryptocurrency. Zcash, like any other coin that can be used in online casinos today, has its own wallet and addresses that you can use to login to any casinos that accept the coin.

There aren’t many online casino websites that accept ZEC (Zcash) as a currency for playing their games right now. However, given its recent popularity, it is unavoidable that this currency will become a standard in casinos within the next few years. Remember that a crypto currency’s value is created when people begin to use it frequently. Getting a currency moving through online casinos is great for a coin’s economy, and Zcash is quickly approaching that position.

Most importantly as Zec Cash is at the beginning phase of its prime growth, users like to explore their options by playing fun games like Zec Dice. There is an amazing platform of Zec Dice that is well crafted in such a manner that it is greatly adored by people. So if you are a fan of cryptocurrencies then playing this really innovative game is a must for you.


Polkadot Dice is another such interesting game that makes use of the currency Polkadot. Polkadot began selling tokens in 2017 and is a decentralized blockchain. It’s a multichain solution based on the technology of Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood. The network uses an environmentally friendly proof-of-stake consensus algorithm.

Its complex network employs a blockchain of blockchains to provide users with safety, security, and anonymity. It is practical to use because it has its own chain and inexpensive network expenses. Because of its revolutionary ideas, the Polkadot platform is frequently compared to projects like Ethereum, Cardano, Tezos, and Solana.

Polkadot’s mission is to provide a vast, linked crypto ecosystem, leading the way in towards

Interoperability, Experimentation, Scalability, and Innovation. Polkadot is consistently among the top 15 most popular cryptocurrencies. And therefore trying your luck at this currency has a high chance of making huge profits. 

Moreover, because Polkadot is still at the evolution phase it will be a treat to witness the revenue you can reap by playing games such as Polkadot Dice. Platforms of Polkadot Dice which provide a great user interface, bonuses are increasingly gaining popularity nowadays. So next time when you are thinking of rolling out your dice and making some money do give Polkadot Dice a try.