The Ezlogz ELD provider gained a significant advantage over its competitors when it started using software that helps to manage a car fleet. It has been on the market since 2015; therefore, widely implementing innovative technologies. At the moment, over 10 thousand customers trust the brand.

ELD technologies

One of the company’s focuses is ELD. Customers supported the introduction of the advanced technologies. Distinctive features of this software – no need to sign a contract. Anyone who has paid for the subscription can start using the app.

The minimum cooperation term for this brand is 30 days. Over this period, you can discover all the functions and their advantages. The new software has already been rated by more than 2,000 users. The reviews are available on the Google Play store pages.

Advantages of the innovative Ezlogz ELD software

In the company, you can order not only the program, but equipment to make the use of technology even easier as well. To implement the equipment, you will need the minimum of time to connect the devices to a corresponding OBD port. You can perform these operations without involving any specialists.

One of the software versions is developed for collecting information and transferring it to the cloud. Drivers, administration and dispatchers will be able to get prompt access to the logs. Synchronization is automatic. This allows us to assess the equipment correctly without delays if maintenance repair is required.

If there is no connection, you’ll have no problems. As soon as stable mobile data transmission is restored, the information is automatically uploaded to the logs. You can be sure that you always have up-to-date information and an opportunity to fully control every task. From now on, control over the fleet will become even easier.

Full capacity

You don’t have to stick to the basic version. Many customers need additional functions. Therefore, certain functions are worth being added to make the work even easier. You can choose one of the offered services or connect the entire list of options:

  1. GPS tracker. You will see the real time location of your vehicles. Thus, you can assess the situation in advance and change the direction of the drivers, if necessary. For advanced users, zoning (notification/control) is available.
  2. IFTA fuel tax. The calculation is based on characteristics of each car and the distance covered. The report you receive will contain preliminary information. In some cases, information received via GPS is used, so that dispatchers have to perform fewer actions at the computer.
  3. DVIR function. It’s used for engine status data synchronization. Helps to determine the preferable time for car maintenance. Drivers leave information in the log on a regular basis, which helps operators to find out if the vehicle can be sent on a few more trips.
  4. Options for passenger traffic management. The app contains up-to-date information about the vehicle movement, stops and route planning. This makes it much easier to improve the service quality.
  5. Documentation. The document pack is uploaded to the cloud. This makes it possible to make up a correct route and decide which vehicles are ready to transport large loads outside or within the country.
  6. Monitoring conditions inside the car. For this, in each vehicle sensors are installed that monitor the humidity and temperature level. The information is uploaded to the server; the administration controls all the parameters online.
  7. Assessment of each car’s condition. All parameters are displayed in real time mode, and if any vehicle needs urgent repair, the administration sends it to repair the breakage urgently.

Subscribing to the app is a 100% guarantee of a better service. You will know for sure whether the cars are in good condition and which route they are following.

The program makes it possible to optimize logistics and use the entire resources for work. Information technologies will enable us to provide higher-quality services and guarantee fast cargo delivery to the destination. 

You will be able to control the time each driver spends on the way. Each vehicle will be inspected before and after arriving at the final destination. This will minimize the probability of problems on the way.

The software product, as well as the equipment, fully complies with the standards. You can read the user reviews to make sure that the programs operate at the highest level.