Are you a regular viewer of sporting events or leagues. If so, you should be aware that the official mascot has been changed. This is a topic that is hotly debated by its fans and followers in the United States and Canada.

Many clubs use the mascot to represent their club in a positive light. Therefore, the mascot is an integral part of club’s image. Continue reading this article for more information about New Phillie Phanatic and Old.

What is Phillie Phanatic ?

Phillie Phanatic, the Major League Baseball team’s official Mascot, is the Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball. His first appearance was on 25 April 1978. He entertains the crowd and fans during baseball games with various acts. Harrison/Erickson are his creators. They are also known as Acme Masks.

He is considered the most recognizable team mascot of all North American sports. Phanatic was invented to draw more family fans to the home arena, since kids love to watch the mascots perform.

The New Phillie Phanatic Vs. Old

  • The new Phanatic has a slightly lighter color than the one before it.
  • The Phanatic’s new snout has a different shape. It looks more like a conical shape than the old cylindrical shape.
  • The biggest change is in the eyes. This latest Phanatic has round-shaped pupils, while the oval-shaped ones were previously.
  • The new Phanatic has now removed his furry coat from his hand. Additionally, there were new arm scales.

More Information about Modifications:

  • The other difference is betweenNew Phillie Phanatic Vs. OldIt is also noteworthy that the modifiers took the initiative to make him smaller by reducing his belly size.
  • Minor but noticable changes were made to the Phanatic’s tail. His tail was dyed the same color as his eyelashes, in light blue. The tail was also lengthened.
  • Eyelids can be modified and eyelashes may also be altered. New eyelids appear similar to light-colored stars, compared to dark purple-colored eyes with cloud-shaped eyelids. When comparing Old Phillie Phanatic vs, the shades of eyelashes were changed to a lighter shade.
  • The logo’s red and green shoes have been replaced by blue shoes with white trim.
  • Also, socks have undergone some changes. The red and the white socks have been replaced by red stripes and white socks.


Mascots are a symbol for prestige in various clubs, as they represent the team and can be seen by their fans. Mascots helped bring in more children fans. For more information about Phillie Phanatic visit

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