You’ve been wearing glasses probably for how long now, a year? Three years? Or maybe you were recently prescribed to get glasses, so now you’re trying to know more about them because you don’t know anything yet. But are glasses the option you want to opt for? Or do you want to try out something like Clariti contact lenses?

Would you prefer glasses or contact lenses uk? That’s a debate that surely rivals how people choose between cats or dogs, or even burgers or fries; it’s difficult to choose, which is why you’re here. Some would opt for both, yet that isn’t that smart, budget-wise. As so, here’s a glimpse at one side of the coin to help you in deciding which one suits you more.

Here’s why you should give contact lenses a chance.

Wider Perspective

You’d think since glasses are technically bigger as they come with frames to hold on to the lenses, that they’d provide a wider perspective over tiny contact lenses, well, you’re mistaken. Contact lenses like Clariti contact lenses cover the whole part of your eyes which lets you see, providing you with a lot more space to look at. You get to see the world, of course, clearer, with contact lenses like how you would normally see it, unlike glasses that when you point your eyes to the right or left, you can see a part of the frame blocking your view. They help you have a larger range of seeing things than glasses that restrict your vision to a certain degree.

More Convenient

Contact lenses are also more convenient because you can barely feel they’re there. Okay, maybe you can feel them when you’re first putting them on, you might struggle here and there a bit if you’re not used to it yet, taking you about a few minutes to get them in, but once you get used to them, you can barely feel anything. Glasses, on the other hand, can be a hassle. Forgetful people or even a little on the clumsy side might forget where their glasses are here and there. Might leave them somewhere and remember hours later that they forgot them there and need to rush back to get them. Frames might also break if they fall or someone accidentally steps on them. Contact lenses give you more of an advantage as you can leave them on the whole day and can’t just take them off as easily compared to glasses.

Empowers Creativity

Of course, this is the most fun part of getting contact lenses. You get to spark some creativity here and there. Sure, with glasses, you could get different coloured frames, get them in different patterns or something, but with contact lenses, you get to change your actual eye colour, which is more fun because they look more natural. Contact lenses have come a long way and have expanded in terms of colour and, of course, in terms of design. Why stick with your boring original eye colour when you can change them in a matter of minutes? Want blue coloured eyes? Emerald themed? Or do you want eyes that look like your favourite anime? The possibilities are endless! Who knew the path to trying to see better could be a fun experience, right?


Glasses and contact lenses have come a long way with each other. You can be a glasses person, or you can be a contact lens person; it’s really up to you. It was just for you to see the other side of the spectrum, how contact lenses are equally good compared to glasses, and to help you make your own choice in the matter making sure you have no regrets whatsoever.