American manufacturers of sanitary ware offer various models of countertops in the bathroom from such materials – glass, wood materials, natural and artificial stone. Each of them has its advantages and minutes, but today we will talk about the quality of cast marble, which is popular in the modern production of bathroom fixtures.

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American manufacturer Lexora is known for its products made of artificial stone-cast marble. This modern material is produced from natural marble chips combined with composite materials (polyester resin with dyes) using the “liquid casting” technology.

Thanks to the possibilities of new manufacturing technologies, the customer receives a more affordable product. This countertop in the bathroom has the best characteristics of natural stone – wear resistance, durability, and strength.

And modern production gives the future user absolute protection from moisture and bacteria, color, and texture that do not change under external factors. American consumer reviews do not indicate that New Bathroom Style products are inferior to natural stone sanitary ware.

The customer’s choice

At the customer’s choice – a variety of models, unique design, and color solutions that will help maximize the practical use of each square inch of home space. The Lexora rectangular top with a rounded side diversifies both classic and modern bathroom interiors. In this case, a Dowell imitation marble flush sink is mounted on the product.

Also, the customer’s attention is offered tabletops from the companies and Constantia – rectangular marble products. New Bathroom Style offers four options for installing the washbasin: on the left or right side of the countertop, in the center, or two washbasins at the same time.

Topic of conversation

A separate topic of conversation is the creation of custom-made countertops. New Bathroom Style, a distributor of plumbing fixtures made of artificial stone, will produce a product of the required shape and size in the shortest possible time. Managers will take into account the physical dimensions of the bathroom, the wishes of the customer, and the features of the future interior. The client can choose from a variety of color solutions with different shades.

A composite material such as artificial marble does not limit the customer in any way. The future countertop can have a rectangular, square, wavy shape – nothing can determine the customer’s design ideas. As a result, the buyer will receive an exclusive artificial marble sanitary ware model at an affordable price. That is why the New Bathroom Style plumbing fixtures made of artificial stone for the bathroom are trendy on the market today.

Note that the online bathroom vanity store New Bathroom Style offers a wide range of other sanitary ware made of cast marble at affordable prices with a high-quality warranty and post-warranty service and delivery throughout the USA: sinks, washbasins, shower trays, etc.