Peter Robbins, an American child actor and director, was killed at 65. He was best known for his appearance as Charlie Brown on one Television Documentary. At the age of seven, he started acting in different shows.

Although Peter was a fan of Charlie Brown and had a tattoo depicting him, he had a mental disease. This article will be about Peter Robbins ‘s net worth at the time he died. His Net Worth is approximately 200 000 dollars. He was well-known in Canada and the United States.

An overview of Peter Robbins

Peter was born on September 26, 1956 in Los Angeles. His acting career started as a child actor in various movies and TV shows. He was a part of films like Good Times (A Ticklish Affair), Moment to Moment, and others. Charlie Brown, who was his rolemodel, earned him fame later. He committed suicide at the age 65.

He had Mental Illness, despite his fame and success. So he committed suicide at an age where he had all the love and support he needed.

What is Peter Robbins’ Net worth?

His net worth was estimated at approximately 200,000 dollars when he died. This net worth has been earned through his voiceovers and acting as well as his business ventures. It was quite a journey to become an actor. He is most famous for his famous shout of “AAUGGGHH!” !”

Apart from his acting career, he also had other roles. He was busy, but had plenty of interesting stories to tell. When he was seven years, he started to work in his childhood.


Total Net Worth Peter Robbins demonstrates how successful Robbins’ life was. However, his paranoid schizophrenia as well as bipolar disorder led to so many controversies.

Police arrested him because he violated several probations including one for drug consumption, one for threatening his ex girlfriend, manager, etc. He was sentenced at 8 years and 8 months for violating probation. During an argument during the court proceeding, he was forced to take a Mental Health Exam. Later, he received a referral to a drug rehabilitation program. Due to his mental state, he was transferred to a hospital for psychiatric care.

Earnings for Peter Robbins

Net Worth Peter Robbins his current net worth was just before he passed away, at 200,000. Let’s look at his prior incomes. Peter’s 2021 earnings were 4,00,000. His monthly income was approximately 32,000 dollars, and his weekly income is 8,000.


Here is information about Peter Robbins. He was killed by suicide on 25 January 2022. People from Canada and America loved him. He performed many roles throughout his life. Despite his Mental Instability he was an actor who achieved great success. Net worth Peter Robbins was easily attained after his death.