Do you enjoy watching football? If so, you might like to learn more about football players and their teams. The people in across the United States and other nations are avid admirers of football. Did you know the story of Eric Weddle? You may have heard of Eric Weddle, but many might not.

Anyone who knows him may be interested in learning about the amount of money he earns. For this post, we’ll examine his net worth Eric Weddle.

who Is Eric Weddle?

Eric Weddle is a free safety for American football. The player was born on January 4, 1985 , in California. He’s a 5’11in tall man and weighs 88 kg weight. He was a graduate of high school in Alta Loma and college at the University of Utah. From 2003 through 2006, he was a player with Utah Utes. Utah Utes. In the second round , by San Diego, he was selected in the second selection of the 2007. NFL Draft.

In 2016-2017, he was a in the Baltimore Ravens. From 2019 to 2020 until this moment the team has been associated with the Rams Los Angeles . Eric Weddle is famous in numerous nations. Find out more about the net worth of Eric Weddle..

Your life

Eric Weddle was the child of Deborah Weddle and Steven Weddle. The couple was married and raised in Alta Loma. He graduated from seventh and eighth grade at vineyards Junior High School. He was married to Chanel in 2005 in La Jolla. The couple has four children. He has been awarded numerous prizes for his athleticism. He was selected for the All-Area First-Team award in the Inland Valley Bulletin Daily and Los Angeles Times.

Achievements and awards

  • First team(2005,2006) All-MWC 2 times
  • The Pro All First Team (2011 and 2014)Two times
  • Defensive player(MWC) 2005,2006 – 2 times
  • Team Second All-Pro (2010 2012, 2013)-3 times
  • All-American Consensus(2006)
  • Bowl Pro (2011, 2014, 2013, 2016-2018)- 6 times
  • NFL Team All-Decade 2010s
  • NFL team-leaders interceptions with co-leaders (2011)

Net Worth Eric Weddle

Eric Weddle is the free safety for football. He began his career as a football player in his teens years. The world may wish to know the amount he earned being an unpaid security. The Chargers San Diego signed him to the four-year deal with a total of $4.16 million that includes a guarantee of $3.47 million as well as a bonus that is $1.81 million. It’s an impressive sum, and to earn this much at such an early age is an incredible deal. This is a testament to his dedication throughout his career. The median salary for 2007-2010 was $1,041,250, and from 2019-2020 was $5,251,025. This is a massive increase.

Following 13 years of security, Eric retired in February 2020. However, he has signed on to play for with his squad Los Angeles Rams for the playoffs, as one of their athletes, Jordan Fuller, cannot play due to an ankle injury. Based our findings we can conclude that the net worth of Eric Weddle is around $15 million.


The players were all amazed upon seeing the earnings. He was among the top players to play in the safety position for free. While he’s now retired from the team He hasn’t forgotten his love of football.