Are you looking for more information on the net worth of a well-known politician? Do you want to know more about Andrew Cuomo 2021? Keep reading to find out more about Andrew Cuomo’s Net Worth 2021, based on our research.

A famous politician, lawyer, author and activist hailing from the United StatesAndrew Cuomo has a steadily increasing net worth. Learn more about his net worth, and what factors have influenced it.

Who are Andrew Cuomo?

Andrew Mark Cuomo (famously known as Andrew Cuomo) is a well-known politician who served New York as its 56th governor. In the year 2010, he was elected New York governor. He is an author, and a great lawyer. Find out more about net worth Andrew Cuomo 2021

Personal Life:

  • Kerry Kennedy became his wife on June 9, 1990. Kerry Kennedy is the son of Robert F. Kennedy.
  • The couple has three daughters. In 1995, the first twins were born: Mariah Matilda Kennedy Cuomo and Cara Ethel Kennedy Cuomo.
  • Their third daughter, Michaela Andrea Kennedy Cuomo (the year 1997), was born.
  • In 2005, the couple split. He started dating Sandra Lee in 2005 after divorcing Kerry Kennedy. The couple moved to Westchester County, New York.
  • They ended their relationship in 2009 after they made public the news. Continue reading for more information on Net worth Andrew Cuomo 2021


  • He is a prominent politician, an excellent lawyer, and a highly successful writer. His royalty from books increases his net worth.
  • His first book was titled “Crossroads. The Future of American Politics”.
  • He also wrote “All Things Possible, Setbacks & Success in Politics & Life” in 2014 which was limited to a handful of copies.
  • Cuomo requested $4 million from The New York Times in order to publish his book entitled “American Crisis” after the pandemic.

Net Worth Andrew Cuomo 2021

  • Andrew Cuomo has a net worth in excess of $6 million. But, his most current net worth comes from his success as a politician or professional lawyer.
  • He is a lawyer who has held the most high-ranking positions in well-respected companies that pay him a good salary.
  • He held high-ranking government positions as a politician. He was the assistant secretary and secretary of the state. This played an important role in his rise to wealth. He began receiving $200,000 per year after becoming the Governor of New York.


The research on Net worth Andrew Cuomo2021 shows that Andrew Cuomo is a great politician just like Mario Cuomo (2021 ), who was a New York Governor for three terms. He has also donated $500,000 for charity. Please share any information you have about him as a responsible citizen.

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