There are many games and modes to serve their target customers and have added hundreds of items to them that people are constantly searching for for details.

In the article below, we mentioned the details of the gun found in the Phantom Forces.

We will cover all its uses, where and when it is found, relevant game information and all other facts. This Nerf Zip 22 is the most searched on Google in the United States as there are only a significant number of players out there for Spectral Forces.

What is Phantom Forces?

Phantom Forces is also a video game whose main theme is an FPS shooter. It was launched and developed by StyLiS Studios, and the game was inspired by older Litozonnamon designs such as Call of Robloxia 5 and Battlefield 4.

This game is loved all over the world, mostly with positive reactions; a like-dislike ratio of around 15: 1 and the Nerf Zip 22 is also tied to the game. The player must get as many kills as possible in a limited time, within 15 minutes. Or, the one who kills 200 enemies before 15 minutes is declared the winner of the match.

This game has seven modes, Flare Domination, King of the Hill, Kill Confirmed, Capture the Flag, Infection (Halloween 2019), Gun Game, and Hard Point. All of these modes offer different obstacles for players, which makes it an interesting platform.

What is Nerf Zip 22?

Now that you know the platform, the Zip 22 is the gun found in the game. It is a modern American pistol, dealing Abyss damage, high headshot multiplier and deep reserves. The gun is so strong it can kill a million dollar company.

This gun is unlocked at 61 levels in the game and can also be purchased with credits. It was designed by the Zip factory, known for its high-quality revolvers, and a US firearms subsidiary.

This Nerf Zip 22 is rectangular and uses a 10 round rotary magazine. The weapon is required to aim at the opponent’s head. It is not very easy to use and can only be handled by experienced players.

Benefits of the gun:

It has minimal recoil and the fastest reload time. The pistol has the largest total ammo of any secondary weapon and has a semi-automatic rate of fire cap.

Disadvantages of the gun:

This gun only held a small number of magazines, and also doesn’t have very good penetration in the game. It has a low initial speed and also has the lowest base damage.

Final Verdict:

In this Nerf Zip 22 article you read about the American pistol found in the Phantom Forces. We mentioned all the basics of the game for new players and mentioned all the facts about the gun.

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