Do you enjoy mixing fashion jewelry with your daily outfit? This blog has the answer for you. NeilJewelry is a popular retail shop in the United States, thanks to its extraordinary collection and great deals. The owner is expected to provide excellent service to online buyers. However, what are customers’ NeilJewelry Ratings?

Is the website safe to use for jewelry shopping? Is there an SSL certificate on the shop? Furthermore, are the NeilJewelry stores trustworthy? The answers to all these questions are provided further.

Introduction to the NeilJewelry shop:

The shop has a huge selection of contemporary jewelry designed for women in the United States. The store boasts outstanding modern jewelry collections and a 21% rebate rate. The shop’s website has been constructed with sophisticated design using professional designs. This portal has a soothing color and a large font that is easily read. The seller lists the categories in the top portion. These are Earrings/Ear Studs/Anklets/Rings, Ear Studs/Bracelets, Brooches, Necklaces, Necklaces and Bracelets.

Is NeilJewelry Legit. These categories do not have any sub-divisions. However, the page for each category has multiple pieces. The jewelry page has quantity selecting options, stock details and photos of the jewelry in different angles. It also contains descriptions with details about the material. But, the specification information was missing. However, the ‘Specifications’ tab always contains important information about the product. The tab ‘Specification’ usually displays the warranty details for jewelry and the post-purchase maintenance details.


  • Link:
  • Contact Us: Address details are not available.
  • Email ID : The corporate email address for customer service has not yet been disclosed.
  • Reviews: NeilJewelry are currently unavailable.
  • Contact Number
  • Delivery Details
  • Freight Charges Details
  • Return Service: This service is only available within the 3-day deadline.
  • Exchange Facility Available, but first you need to connect to the authority.
  • Cancellation: An order can be cancelled as long as it is made within 6 hours.
  • Refund facility: You will be refunded within 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Payment Gateways: Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc.

What Are The Pros of is NeilJewelry Legal ?

  • The seller has an amazing selection of contemporary jewelry designed for women.
  • You have many options for paying.
  • A connection to HTTPS protocol was detected.


  • There is no contact number or email ID available on this website.
  • No Alexa rank.
  • You can’t see details about the location.
  • There are many duplicate data on the site.
  • Operator details are not available.

Checking site reliability:

In this section, you will learn about the reliability of this seller. This section will discuss various points that were determined using a premium search engine optimization checker. Read this section of the NeilJewelry reviews article to find out more.

  • Trust Index: 1%
  • Skipped Pages
  • Broken URLs: We don’t have any links.
  • Reviews: Unavailable.
  • Community Profile: There are no details or links to these profiles.
  • Copied Content: 54% of content is identical and 34% is duplicate.
  • Missing information: Contact number, email and address.
  • There are several payment systems available.
  • Operator Details: Unavailable.
  • Creation Age: 14th Jul 2022
  • Alexa Rank: Not available.
  • Domain:

Accordingly, the site’s details prove that it is new and not reliable.

What NeilJewelry Review ?

There are no reviews for the shop’s material quality, service quality, or jewelry collections material. Although it is viral, we don’t know if it succeeded in reaching the right people.

We also haven’t found any advertisements online for this shop through web engines. We can only conclude that there has not been any evidence to support its legitimacy.

Final Verdict:

The seller just started their business on the ecommerce platform. However, it failed to get a good trust score or Alexa rank. Zero NeilJewelry reviews and community profiles bring up the question about the legitimacy of the seller. People can therefore avoid this website for now.