Golf tournaments are considered great for fostering some friendly competition and fundraising for a good reason.

These tournaments are really interesting for the golf fans but when it comes to others, many times guests and participants tend to get lost and confused. This generally happens when there are no golf tee signs at the tournament. 

In this article, we will tell you about a few signage options that you can consider for your next golf tournament. These little things can help you host a successful event.

Golf Tee Sign Options

In order to make the golf tournament event exciting and improve the experience of attendees, here is what all you should consider in terms of golf club tee signs.

Custom event tents

The very first tee signs for golf tournaments are branded tents. These tents contain sponsor logos, event graphics and merchandise stands.

An event tent that has logos on it is one of the most popular choices when it comes to golf tee signs. Such signs spread awareness amongst attendees, players and offer a great functional value.

Directional signs

These signs are also known as wayfinding signs. Directional signs are highly responsible for defining an attendee’s experience at the tournament as it helps them find a way, get directions to different places etc.

May it be grounds, seating areas or restrooms, these signs guide the way to attendees and even players. Directional signs generally feature bold arrows, colorful text or a unique design that can easily capture the attention of the audience and communicate the path to desired location.

Golf course tee signs can also have names of the areas or buildings on them. They can section off two or more zones by creating VIP zones, parking lots and a lot more.


Flags are much more appealing than sign boards. Every outdoor event, especially golf tournaments, can be considered as an addition to help people find their needs for fun and directional use.

Flags come in various sizes, material and colors. For those new to golf, selecting the right equipment is crucial; the Taylormade r1 driver for beginners model is an excellent choice to consider for its user-friendly design and outstanding performance

Similar to that of golf tee signs, flags add a number of colors in the tournament that give rise to graphics in the life of the audience.

Also flags easily blow in the wind. And this is what makes them more attractive as this way they easily capture the attention of the attendees.

Final words

Customized golf signage raises the stature of every golf tournament. For every organization hosting a golf tournament, golf ball tee signs are essential.

These signs tend to develop a strong identity in the minds of fans and players. It lets attendees know where they’re going. With signs above their heads they need no human assistance in the golf course.