Tank cleaning robots and compact high-pressure pumps are technologies that are revolutionizing the ability to clean hazardous areas and hard-to-reach spaces. If you need to clean tanks, pipes, roads, or buildings, keep reading to learn more about the equipment that can make it much more efficient, safe, and cost-effective.

1. Tank Cleaning Robots

Advanced robotic solutions are ideal for removing waste and product from small spaces and hazardous areas, as these are often highly dangerous for human workers to enter. Here are some of the common uses for tank cleaning robots:

Tanks & Vessels

To clean tanks or vessels, you want to utilize remote cleaning tools and robotic solutions such as water jetting tank cleaning heads or automated sludge removal systems in order to eliminate the danger. The compact footprint of these pieces of equipment mean reduced manning on projects, and they are a fast, efficient, and cost-saving solution.

Sludge/Sediment Removal – Storage Tanks & Pits

Similarly, when operating an oil refinery, processing plant, or storage facility, you don’t want to leave crude oil and other sediments in the bottom of the tank for too long. Otherwise, this sediment or sludge will quickly accumulate, resulting in inconstancy in your product stock. It will also take up valuable tank storage space, cause stress on the tank structure, and even damage the tank. Therefore, you must be regularly cleaning these storage tanks and pits.

Equipment such as the Gerotto Lombrico Robot and the Gerotto Bull Robot are ideal for these applications as they are no-man entry options and can be custom-built to suit specific requirements.


If you are looking for the most efficient solution to remove concrete and don’t want it to produce a lot of dust, vibration, or excess noise, you want to use hydrodemolition. This concrete removal technique uses high-pressure water with an added abrasive material that removes sound and deteriorated concrete, along with grout and asphalt. This technique offers you a way to remove concrete in a controlled manner.

If you choose to use hydrodemolition equipment, such as the AquaJet AquaCutter, you can benefit from not needing scaffolding and from reduced operation costs because the wireless remotely operated robots are able to take the place of five handheld water jetting guns, 25 laborers with handheld jackhammers, or three excavators with jackhammers.

That being said, the hydrodemolition equipment must be utilized by experienced professionals with the appropriate tools.

Cooling Tower Basin Cleaning

Like some other tanks and vessels listed in this article, cooling tower basins are also affected by waste, sediment, calcites, and harmful chemicals accumulating and settling at their bottom. When this happens, it significantly affects production and water quality. Plus, the longer it stays there, the more challenging and costly it becomes to remove.

In these instances, you want to use a remotely operated vehicle designed to work underwater and in hazardous, toxic, or temperate conditions. Moreover, it is also crucial that while in use, the equipment doesn’t interrupt operations. Several pieces of equipment on the market can remove these deposits, clean out the cooling tower basin effectively, and keep workers safe.

The Gerotto Bull is ideal for eliminating sludge, sediment, sand, and other toxic materials from cooling tower basins, wastewater treatment settling ponds, and the like. This fully stainless steel robotic solution is remotely operated and submersible and extracts up to 1000 Lt/min. When using this solution, you can also benefit from an additional robotic filtration and treatment package to return the water to the basin.

2. Compact Triplex Pumps

For some projects and applications, one of the essential considerations is in regards to size and agility. In these instances, you need something that is easily deployable and available for various operations.

Building Cleaning

In order to maintain the appearance and integrity of a building, the materials need to be cleaned. In order to make your building clean, you can get more information to click here. Building cleaning can be carried out by a single pump system as long as it is equipped to use a variety of accessories.

For example, the DYNAJET GmbH 350ME Trolley Mounted Pump is ideal for use in building cleaning, as well as for machinery washdown and cleaning, paint and plaster removal, and scaffolding and framework cleaning. Compact and easy-to-move, this piece of equipment provides a pressure of up to 350bar (5,075 psi), electrical/petrol/diesel-powered models, and hot and cold water options. What’s more, it is available with accessories so that you can use it in various cleaning applications.

Lake/Lagoon/Fountain Cleaning

Sediment and debris from dust, rain, waste, and sewage can quickly contaminate lakes, lagoons, and fountains if not dealt with quickly. No matter what these water reservoirs are being used for – whether for human consumption, industrial processing, or aesthetics – it is vital that they are cleaned so that contaminants, sediments, and waste can be extracted.

To efficiently and effectively clean these water reservoirs, you need to use a remotely operated vehicle specifically designed to wash, brush, and vacuum the bottom. Then, if required, the water that is removed can be filtered and reused. By opting for a compact high-pressure pump, you can benefit from this small portable equipment that offers easy mobilization and transport.

Equipment options for lake/lagoon/fountain cleaning can include DYNAJET 350ME and DYNAJET 500ME. These DYNAJET pieces of equipment come in electrical and diesel-driven options available to accommodate on-site or remote location requirements. Additionally, built-in pumping systems eliminate the need to have multiple systems.

Industrial Hall Floors/Pavements/Parking Areas

For cleaning roads, car parks, pavements, and industrial hall floors, you also need small portable equipment that is easy to move and transport. The equipment used must provide multiple pressure options to prevent surface damage and electrical/diesel-driven options to ensure that they can work with the site.

You can use basic trolley systems, trailer-mounted systems with mounted water tanks, or custom solutions for your existing fleet. Another option is to use DYNAJET 350TH, a VAC floor-cleaning system that provides 350 bar operating pressure and integrated Venturi dirt extraction.

Do you have a project that requires a high-pressure pump or a robotic cleaning solution? If so, which pieces of equipment do you think will work best for you? Let us know in the comments below.