Safe Haven Counselling is a private counselling practice in Surrey, British Columbia. Safe Haven offers counselling to individuals and couples seeking counselling for a variety of reasons, including anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and relationships. 

Claire De Boer is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. Claire’s passion is for helping people who are struggling with relationships. When relationships are strained, it can put stress on multiple aspects of our lives and can lead to anxiety, depression, and self-isolation. Claire is a relationship counsellor and works with individuals as well as couples. At Safe Haven Counselling, we believe that relationships start internally. 

One of the primary reasons people seek counselling is because they feel as if they are stuck in an aspect of their life. Our approach to counselling therapy collaborates with the therapist and the client. To be successful, therapy needs to be done in a judgement-free zone. 

There can be many different reasons why someone chooses to seek counselling. The role of a therapist is to support you in a way that other people in your life might not be able to. The path toward healing is different for everyone, but one essential and universal element is that people start to heal when they feel heard and seen.

Safe Haven Counselling is a client-centred space, which means that we believe that you have the capability within you to heal, grow, and change in a positive way that will help you achieve the results you wish to see in your life. 

Claire’s approach to counselling is attachment-focused, client centred, and intrapsychic. Claire is a facilitator of the IFS (Internal Family Systems) approach. This approach focuses on how different parts of the Self can come into conflict. 

Many people have felt conflicting feelings, with a part of them wanting one thing and another part of them wanting another. This is very common and can be resolved like most internal conflicts. 

For individuals and couples seeking counselling in Surrey, BC and the surrounding Lower Mainland, Safe Haven Counselling is an ideal safe space to reprocess traumatic events and address issues that may negatively impact internal and external relationships. 

Safe Haven Counselling in Surrey, BC is a reputable counselling clinic with a registered clinical counsellor. Claire De Boer has education and training, making her a qualified clinical counsellor with the knowledge, experience, and tools to help couples and individuals heal and live a lighter life. 

Claire’s education and training experience include a diploma in professional counselling from Vancouver College of Counsellor Training (VCCT,) a Master’s Degree in counselling from the City University of Seattle, and training in EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy), Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry, Internal Family Systems, and emotionally focused therapy for couples. 

Safe Haven Counselling in Surrey, BC, is committed to finding secure, healing solutions for its clients that help individuals feel safe and understood, with the goal to help assist them in their individual journeys of growth and healing.