The pandemic changed our way of networking. It pretty much ushered in and accelerated the adoption of technology that will allow professionals and business owners to continue unabated with their Relationship Management efforts. One of the said innovations comes in the form of Contact-free Digital Business Cards.

In the realm of Contactless technology, these types of business cards are largely unknown. Their benefits are still, more or less, up in the aid. Consider this post as an introduction to these business cards and as an exposition of how it helps today’s professionals expand their network.

How Do Contact-free Business Cards Work?

These cards are often integrated into apps, which are commonly known as a Smart Networking Platform. Smart digital networking is all about ensuring that you’re hanging on to the most efficiently working networking principles. You’re sticking to networking principles that work and are efficient. Summed up, it advocates following up, staying in touch, and remembering your previous interactions.

That being said, expect these apps to make networking as easy and as effective as possible. Where do contact-free digital business cards figure into this kind of remote networking? They’re pretty much at the forefront, actually. Here’s the gist of how they work:

  • The contact-free feature mainly stems from the completely digital nature of the cards. This removes the need to keep a physical copy of it, which you may end up losing or find hard to update.
  • Since it’s fully digital and comes with a dedicated networking app, there’s no limit to the number of cards you can create. StayTouch is a good example of this. It lets you build multiple profiles (which are essentially the cards themselves) that can specifically cater to certain work circles or contacts.
  • Of course, the contact-free quality of the cards stems largely from the fact that you no longer have to physically meet prospective contacts just to share your professional details with them. In StayTouch, users only need to make a few taps then bring their phone and their contacts together, and the business card exchange will automatically happen. 
  • The cards also integrate an automatic scan feature, which lets you import all your contacts to mediums that you frequently use, like your email address or phone number. This way, you get to keep a backup of them and store them in a place you can easily remember and access.
  • StayTouch lets you share the cards with other people, even if they’re not users of the app themselves. 

Knowing the essential features of these kinds of business cards, have their unique networking potentials unraveled themselves to you? Below, we’ll discuss just how these cards can be used to maximize and ease up the way you build your professional relationships at present. 

Facts that Underscore the Value of Touch-Free Business Cards in These Present Times

As Bob Dylan once sang, “The times they are a-changin’.” We are at a crossroads where we need to adapt or be left at the mercy of obsolescence. The pandemic pretty much made it inevitable. These facts prove that there’s no better time than now to start riding on the waves of innovation that it necessitated.

  1. You can do networking any time it’s appropriate and anywhere.

What’s great about contact-free business cards is that they don’t only provide a way out of the limitations that the coronavirus pandemic set, but make networking a whole lot easier and more attuned to the present generation that has been next in line for a while now.

It’s the generation that’s undoubtedly open and more ready to adopt newer ways to conduct essential work-related activities, and networking is no exception. Younger professionals generally don’t mind having to skip meeting people face-to-face to discuss business matters. 

  • Of course, there are still restrictions in place to help curb the pandemic to consider. With these cards, you won’t have to worry about breaking them and not being able to network to the best of your abilities.
  • We can’t deny the efficiency afforded by these cards, too. Just think of the amount of time that can be saved foregoing the extra steps associated with traditional card sharing.
  1. It’s pretty much self-updating.

Have you always considered updating your physical business cards such a pain? Once you have to add or remove contacts, you’re left with no other option but to chuck the old card away. Then, you need to come up with a new one, and you have to keep repeating this throw-away-then-update cycle for the rest of your professional life.

That’s not the case with these business cards as they update your contacts for you, allowing you to save precious time and sparing you from needless manual efforts. Of course, you can also do the actual updating yourself, and it’s definitely easier to do than typing down and printing your personal information and contacts list. 

An added bonus is that, with StayTouch, all your contacts will be promptly and automatically informed about the changes made.

  1. These cards are complemented by a real-time chat feature.

As we said before, the cards are only part of the entirety of the smart networking platform. There’s no better way to maintain your relationship with the contacts found in them than to send them messages regularly.

This is why StayTouch opted to include a messaging feature, which basically lets you stay in touch with every contact included in your digital business card. This is, again, another powerful aspect of remote networking as it doesn’t require you to meet your contacts personally and physically just to build your relationships with them.

  • You only need to arrange virtual meetings in-app and set a reminder for when you’ll need to attend it.


Apps like StayTouch and the contact-free business cards it introduces may very well be the catalyst that will usher in a new norm in networking. It’s game-changing, thoroughly novel features prove as much. And, come to think of it, would you settle for the conventional way of business card sharing knowing that there’s an infinitely better, time-saving, and safer option now available to you?