PDFs are very likely one of the most used file formats in the world. Whether you are a student, an individual, or a business owner, you most likely have to view and work with PDFs daily. Everyone knows how hard tweaking PDFs can be, but they are helpful in transmitting information. They are designed to retain the formats, layout, and relevant details in a doc, which is why they are not editable by default.

Third-party desktop software is usually the solution to this limitation. Still, the majority of these softwares are either inaccessible due to high costs or not entirely useful for advanced editing needs. If you have had this difficulty and have been searching for a reliable PDF editor to help you edit and manipulate the details on a PDF document, you have come to the right place. In this article, we share a reliable and multifunctional PDF editing tool and why it should be your go-to for all your PDF needs.

iTop PDF Editor

The iTop PDF is the perfect editor software if you need an efficient tool that you do not need to break the bank for. It has valuable features that help users convert, edit, and annotate PDFs, among other functions. It is an all-you-need solution as it is multifunctional and can perform various editing and management requests. You can access this software free and enjoy even more advanced functions on the paid version.

Your choice of PDF editors may seem like an inconsequential decision, but it can make all the difference for your workflow and productivity. With iTop PDF editor, you can expect easy collaborations, better document quality, and fast conversions and edits. Whether you need to change the layout, scan your document, fill out a form or add comments, this software has the solutions you need.

Here are some features you get to enjoy with the this PDF Editor.

Edit PDF files

Editing PDFs are made easy with this software. You can edit and add to existing text or even add new text blocks without converting first. You can alternate between layouts and format fonts to your preference. Highlighting and annotating documents is also easy to do.

Efficiently Collaborate

As you can add comments, highlight, and perform other collaborative functions, it is easy to work with your team using the iTop PDF editor.

iTop PDF Editor

Add or Delete Elements

You can perform actions like creating stamps or adding e-signatures to documents. You also have the option to manipulate elements of a document by rotating, resizing, or replacing images. You can add hyperlinks, page numbers, footers, headers, etc.

Manage PDF pages

Did you know that you can combine several PDFs into one? iTop PDF editor has a feature that lets you do this and even more. You can alter the pages of a PDF file, create and insert more and compress the file. You can also convert PDF to Word, Excel, Image or PPT with the easy conversion tool.

iTop PDF Editor

Protect your files

With the option of password encryption, your PDF files are now safer with iTop PDF.  You can hide sensitive information before sharing and add passwords to sensitive files you do not want accessible.

The iTop PDF editor allows you a host of functionality options on the free plan, but they are limited. If you want to do much more, avoid lags, remove watermarks, and be free of ads, get the premium version.