Gutter cleaning is something that many homeowners put off. It’s often a dirty job and can also be dangerous, so it’s no surprise that few people choose to do the work themselves.

Consider hiring out Gutter cleaning. This way, you will get to share the hard work and take advantage of trained professionals who know how to keep your gutters in top shape.

Here are some things to think about when choosing a gutter cleaning company.

1. Do Your Research!

You’ll want to go online and find out what services each company offers, then narrow down your search based on price and the areas that they serve.

You should check reviews to see if anyone has had any problems with the company in the past. If you’re not satisfied with what you find online, then move on to the next company.

2. Do A Walk-Around Of Your Property Before Choosing One Company Over Another!

A professional gutter cleaning service should handle any type of home, no matter what kind of gutter system you have installed.

It would help if you also got quotes from each company to compare the amount of time it will take to get your gutters cleared out.

3. Look For A Company That Uses Tools, Not Their Bodies To Clean Your Gutters!

Sometimes people think that they can get away with hiring someone who will do the work manually instead of investing in quality equipment.

Companies that rely on tools, not their bodies, will do the work quickly and make it easier for them to clean your gutters properly.

4. Ask What Chemicals They Use When Cleaning Your Gutters!

You don’t want a company using harsh chemicals near any of your plants or flowers if you have them in your yard. You should also find out if they offer a warranty and how long it will last.

5. Ask The Company What Happens To Your Debris Once They Are Finished Cleaning!

You want to make sure that these chemicals are not dumped into a nearby body of water or on any local grasses.

Make sure you’re comfortable with them before they start work, just in case you have any questions about their process.

6. Find Out If They Use Ladders Or Tall Equipment!

Hiring a company that uses tall equipment will make it much easier for them to clean your gutters without having to get up on a ladder. Also, you should find out if they have any safety harnesses in case their equipment fails.

7. Ask How Well The Employees Are Trained When Hiring A Professional!

The company should be able to provide you with a list of all the certifications and training that they offer their employees and what kind of process goes into hiring them. If they can’t do this, it’s probably time to move on and start looking elsewhere.

8. Ask If They Have Emergency Service!

There are times when emergencies come up, so you should find out the procedure for having your gutters cleaned in this situation. A good company will always be able to accommodate you during an emergency.

9. Ask About Their Experience!

The longer that a company has been around, the more likely it will be reliable and provide good work for you.

You should also ask if they can show you their previous work before you hire them.

10. Ask What Type Of Price Range They Are In!

There are plenty of gutter cleaning services out there, so you should find one that’s in your price range.

Don’t hire a company that is far more expensive than the competition just because they have better equipment or offer warranties, etc.

You’ll want to compare several companies before making up your mind on which one is best for your home.

11. Find Out If They Offer Extra Services Or Products On Top Of Gutter Cleaning!

A company that offers good, quality service will often provide more than just basic gutter cleaning to their customers.

It would help if you asked about leaf protection and power washing, as these can improve the look of your home by a significant amount and save you a lot of time in the long run.

12. Look For A Company That You Can Build A Rapport With Quickly!

You will want to choose a professional who is willing to work with you and communicate effectively throughout the entire process.

If they don’t have good communication skills, their service will suffer significantly, and it may be tough to work with them.

13. Ask For References As Well As A List Of Their Qualifications!

A good company will have no problem sending you some references to verify their work and have more peace of mind about the company itself.

Also, they should be able to provide a long list of their qualifications, so you know who is working on your home.

14. Ask For A List Of The Equipment They Will Be Using!

Depending on your home, there are all kinds of different tools and equipment that might be used during gutter cleaning.

You should make sure to ask the company about what kind of tools they usually use so you know if there’s anything dangerous or unsafe in your yard when they get to work.


By asking these questions before hiring a gutter cleaning company, you’ll be able to find a qualified professional that can clean your gutters as well as possible. 

Make sure that you ask for references and qualifications from the company and how long they have been in business before making your final decision.

These are all good things to consider before you hire a company for your gutter cleaning.

At Wipe It Down our cleaners are well qualified and experienced in helping home owners with their particular needs.