Our house backyards are probably the most enjoyable place in our home that requires the most maintenance. You can make your backyard look like a fairytale scenery with limited costs, but it still ends up needing renovation. Whether you are gardening foods or flowers, or you simply have a wide yard of green grass and a nice deck, there comes that time of the year where you need to invest a bit more in order to keep up the garden’s life. 

Now, not all of us are professionals, and handsy around house work, but there are certainly some home renovations that we can do by ourselves in order to save up a little. 

Do Your Own Seeding

Not only is it easy, but it can also be a fun family activity as a DIY project. Buying seeds instead of plants is easier on the pocket, as seeds are reasonably cheaper than plants, plus there are far more many choices whether that is vegetable seeds, flower seeds or herbs. Every gardener wants to keep their garden somewhat organized and clean, as clean as it can be. And what better way, than to lay out your own garden. You can organize your vegetables on one side or area, and then the herbs in small wooden pots so they are close to reach whenever they grow out. Then you are left with your flowers, which would be the most fun part of the whole organizing process. You can do hanging pots, large porch pots or nice flower shrubs in line with your backyard trail. Make sure you read the seed packaging or go online, and read what sort of soil you need for certain seeds. Nothing can go wrong if you got the right information on this. 

Paint Your Sheds and Fences

The easiest thing you can do by yourself and one of the most important safety tips is paint your fences and sheds regularly! Mostly, they are made out of wood, which needs to be re-painted at least once in two years, depending on the rain seasons. Wood can rot easily when wet, same goes for steel, and you need to use a preventive coating in order to avoid corroding. You need to make sure to use wood protective paint so any wooden elements in your backyard are protected from rain and snow. It is wise to use an extra protective layer of epoxy glue and if you do not understand how to use epoxy correctly, make sure you do your research in order to use it right. With that, a new, different pain always refreshes the backyard and makes it more enjoyable.

Refresh the Deck in Your Backyard

This might be a pricier project, but you do not have to do it so often, and it is a long-term investment in the house safety and outside looks, and more importantly your family’s comfort. During warm days, the deck is by far the busiest area of the house, and there are countless reasons why is that so. Maintaining the deck’s floor and furniture is quite important, as it is so close to your house. You don’t want rotten wooden boards next to your doorstep or little insects just making their way through into your living room. You need to make sure that the structural parts are firm and good at the beginning when you start building it, so it saves a lot of time and money in the future. This way, you only need to take care of small damages. You need to deep clean the surface in order to find any. Make sure you use a pry bar to lift the damaged boards. Inspect the deck – to house connection, in case you have any rotten screws and replace them. Add a layer of protection and wood protective paint to the new boards and you are good to go for few seasons.

The cleaning part is however mandatory on a yearly level, make it a nice day out in the sun with the family, get dirty and have fun!