Cryptocurrency is growing day by day. It has been the fastest way to make money. Everyone, regardless of where they are located in the United States, is searching for crypto tokens to make money and invest in. It sounds simple, but it’s not.

You should also check the stats for cryptocurrency before you invest as it can be volatile. We will be reviewing Nbayc NFT for your convenience.


We searched for NBAYC and found its Twitter account. It was then deactivated. We then searched for more information and found that the official website of NBAYC, had some information. It called United States people and invited them to join the basketball court. Nbayc is based upon a basketball game. You will need to create a team of five players if you wish to join.

You can even find your team members in the game. You will be awarded 1ETH coin if you are able to do so. You can play the Nbayc game if you have the right address.

How do you collect five players?

This will be easier if you have a bunch of friends. This idea can be shared with your friends and they will likely join you. If no one is interested, then you will need to gather four additional members to play and earn $BALL. You can search for players to request their participation or to increase your team’s stats. Create an account to learn more about how it works.

What’s the roadmap for the NFT game?

We found the following roadmap on its official website. It might help to clarify your doubts. This includes phases 1 and 2, with Phase 2 not yet updated.

Phase 1 includes:

  • Airdropping 10 all-timers with 1 Etherium will be possible
  • To join your team, look at the five apes.
  • Mint out after every 48Hours.
  • Discover 5000 NBAYC apes

The Current Statistics of NBAYC Token

The NFT was sold more than 2403 times during the week, according to its stats. The Nbayc NFT total volume was $720.7K at an average price of $299.9. The total supply of NFT was also 5,000 with 1835 owners. The last 10% of NFT was $134. The median price was $285 and the 90% price, $534.

The Bottom Line

We have nothing more to say about the NFT token. You can decide to invest or play in this game. If you’re good at trading and have the knowledge to make profits, we recommend that you only invest. It could turn into a loss. You should also seek the advice of an expert in investing.