NBA 2K23 is the new game that basketball fans are most looking forward to in 2022, as the NBA 2K series has always been one of the best basketball simulation games on the market. For them, the most exciting thing is to form a strong team of their favorite basketball stars and control them to defeat other teams and eventually become the championship. With the introduction of a series of new features and upgrades to traditional modes, players’ gaming experience in NBA 2K23 has been improved.

MyTeam mode remains players’ favorite. To prove the strength of their squad, players need to constantly compete against other players on the network. When you enter this competitive arena, all you need to do is beat them, upgrade your team, and then beat any opponents that come after. MT is a kind of currency that can be earned for free, and accumulating a large amount of MT is a relatively long process. Pursuing more MT is your only option when you’re short on a cash budget. If you want to learn how to get MT quickly and easily, keep reading this guide.

1. Keep playing game every day

Yes, that’s boring, and it’s the basics that can be mastered without learning. I would say that when you really focus on NBA 2K23 MyTeam mode and spend some time playing the game every day, you get quite a bit of MT. If you’re lucky, you can also get some high-value daily bonuses and spins. They will all play an important role in building the team.

Triple Threat is a quick game mode and offers quite a few instant rewards, including VC, MT, as well as specific cards. The more total games you win, the more rewards you can unlock. What’s more, the opponents you face in this mode are matched to your own team’s level, so you don’t have to worry about running into an opponent with 100 OVR and getting ravaged while your team OVR is 80.

2. Participate in challenges and win rewards

Challenges is an important content to the NBA 2K series, allowing you to earn some extra rewards while honing your skills. During the game you will encounter different daily, weekly, and monthly challenges, as well as some lifetime challenges. If you have enough time, you’d better complete these challenges within the time limit, as there will be some valuable rewards. You also have a chance to get even more extra rewards after the game if you complete them with specific players in a specific way as required. Regardless, it’s well worth participating for players who want to earn more NBA 2K23 MT and VC.

3. Learn to use the auction house to generate profits

Player trading is a constant theme in NBA 2K23 MyTeam, and every player is trying to build their ideal team by selling players that are useless to them and buying those that can strengthen their roster.

In the early days of MyTeam mode, most players didn’t have high OVR cards. At this time, the most frequent transactions in the auction house are basically related to contracts, and gold contracts are usually the most popular items. You can buy gold contracts in bulk at a low price, and then wait for a while and then sell them at a higher price when a large number of players are depleted of their gold contracts. Profit margins on such deals can be as high as 80% at best. Over time, many players use diamond contracts to permanently sign players. The value of Gold contracts will get lower and lower, if you deduct the 10% transaction tax, you basically can’t earn MT.

In the mid to late stages of MyTeam mode, sniping at players who are priced well below their value is a better option. You can do this during the midnight time so your competitors will be less. Finding that niche that belongs to you and using your judgment to make a profit for yourself takes a while of learning. Well worth it, considering you’ll be getting a ton of NBA 2K23 MT for this.

4. Saving MT is the key to success

It sounds simple, but the vast majority of players are unable to do it. After acquiring a certain amount of NBA 2K23 MT, they prefer to buy superstars like LeBron James or Stephen Curry as soon as possible to enhance their roster. But in fact you can unlock free alternatives like Dwyane Wade or Kevin Durant by playing in-game, it can save you a lot of MT. From another perspective, your balance increases as a result. My advice is, don’t spend MT lightly on players at any point. You should first allocate the players you have at hand according to your play style, an optimized team is fully capable of beating a team with a higher OVR.

Also, even if you think you’re lucky enough, you shouldn’t buy card packs with MT, it’s a total gamble and most of the time you’ll lose badly. Buying the cards you need directly at the auction house is a safer option than buying a card pack.

5. Get NBA 2K23 MT through trusted third-party seller

Yes, buying MT from a third-party website with less money is a very good deal compared to spending a lot of time playing games to earn MT. Although developers and many players are against exchanging real money for MT, there is no risk as long as you use the in-game auction house to trade. All you need to do is to list your card in the auction house according to the requirements of the website and set its Buy Now Price to the amount of MT you want to buy (up to 100K), then go to and buy NBA 2K23 MT.

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At any time, more NBA 2K23 MT will give players peace of mind. As long as you master several of the ways to quickly gain MT described above, you will be able to gain some advantages earlier. This helps improve your rankings and reduce consumption. If you’re having trouble getting your MT, don’t forget to ask for help. The website provides 24*7 online service, even at 3:00 in the morning, your questions to customer service will be answered immediately.