Are Lab-Created Diamonds Stronger Than Natural Diamonds? In case, you are wondering this, join us to find out in the following lines! We will detail very well why Lab Created Diamonds are more resistant than Diamonds of natural origin in a very explicit way. Explore the timeless debate of natural vs lab-grown diamonds and witness the evolution of elegance with the brilliance and ethical appeal of lab-grown diamonds, redefining the future of sustainable luxury.

It is important to say that, if you have ever heard that famous saying by Marilyn Monroe: “A woman’s best friends are Diamonds” then you have probably wondered why?

This is natural since Diamonds were and still are one of the most valued Gemstones since there was no way to create them. In other words, those that existed were those that existed in nature itself and their extraction was quite complex.

However, currently, there are Created Diamonds that you may or may not believe us, are just as beautiful and have the same physical and chemical characteristics. However, they are much stronger. Also, they are much cheaper (which is great for the vast majority of people and investors).

Lab Created Diamonds are more resistant

An article published by the Institute of Shock Physics at Washington State University, showed that the resistance of Lab Created Diamonds was much greater than that of those provided of natural origin.

The reason for this is that, although the process of creating Diamonds in natural origin is a wonder of nature, the result produces stones that are less resistant than those of Lab Grown Diamonds. Therefore, (they support only 700 ° before being chopped, while those created can support up to 200 ° above).

What are the differences between them?

Likewise, after many tests were carried out in which sound waves were used (to measure the stiffness and resistance of Created and Natural Diamonds), the Institute for Shock Physics at Washington State University demonstrated that natural diamonds are less strong than diamonds created.

Notably, the reason is quite simple. Lab Grown Diamonds are manufactured in laboratories; therefore, obtaining the desired shape and the specific conditions that are sought is much easier.

The Lab Created Diamonds have allowed them to have a higher quality than the natural ones apart from withstanding much higher temperatures and being larger. It has even made it possible to determine that its resistance is superior when resisting stronger impacts from the sound waves fired without deforming.

Now, experts from the University of Washington end their report by noting that do not lose hope of producing created Diamonds with perfectly hexagonal shapes (which guarantees an even higher degree of resistance).

Where can we buy Lab grown Diamonds?

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