Have you heard of the term henna? Well, it is also called mehndi. The henna plant is quite popular in India. After all, it is cultivated extensively in the country. The leaves of the plant are utilized for women. They use it as decorative body art for the hands and feet.

But did you know that women use henna for hair coloring too? Typically, henna is a natural ingredient, and its countless benefits for hair health have intrigued many women. So, read on to know the benefits of henna for safe hair coloring. Before that, get to learn how to apply henna to your hair.

How to apply henna to the hair?

Henna is a natural herbal powder that can nourish your scalp immensely. It can also act as an excellent hair conditioner. For sure, your hair will grow faster. If you want to know how to apply it, below is a step-by-step guide to follow.

Step 1: For those who don’t have any idea about henna, it comes in powdered form. It means that you will have to make a mix. You need to bring the henna mix to a paste-like consistency. For that, just mix one-fourth cup of warm water and half cup henna powder. Then, you can leave it for 12 hours after covering the container.

Step 2: You must wash your hair with shampoo and dry your hair before applying henna. You will have to wear gloves to protect your nails and hands. But always remember to cover your shoulder and neck too.

Step 3: You need to remove all the tangles from the hair. Then, you must take a section of the hair and apply the henna paste with a brush from the roots towards the tips.

Step 4: The sections covered with the henna paste can be covered in a bun.

Step 5: You must cover your hair with a plastic cover after applying the henna paste to your hair. Usually, the henna needs to be set for about 3 to 4 hours. But if you desire a more vibrant color, then you can leave it longer. In case you are ready to remove the henna from the hair, you can rinse it by having a good shower.

You can apply conditioner so that the paste will loosen from the hair. After rinsing, dry your hair properly. At first, your hair might appear to be of an orange color. You can ensure that the color will deepen later.

How safe is henna for coloring?

Henna is generally the best and natural option when it comes to hair coloring. Many women utilize henna more than the chemical alternatives available in the market. But is the natural henna pack really safe for hair coloring? Keep reading and get to know all about that.

  1. Henna accelerates hair growth: Henna can strengthen the hair by making it healthy. Additionally, it prevents the hair from falling, breaking, and thinning. When you use henna for hair coloring continuously, it will definitely lead to good hair growth.
  1. Henna can give you multiple shades and prevent hair from split-ends: Henna can give you a white or blonde shade to a reddish-orange shade. If used with the herb Indigo, it can give you various shades like dark brown and black.

When you use chemical hair dyes with ingredients like ammonia, it can damage your hair instantly. In addition to this, it can dry your hair. If you have dry hair, it means that it is prone to split-ends. So, in order to prevent split-ends, you must use henna.

  1. Henna nourishes the scalp and balances the pH: With the help of henna, you can ensure that your scalp will be nourished. After all, it has antimicrobial properties and penetrates deep into the roots. It can transform your unhealthy hair into shiny and manageable tresses. Due to its acid-alkaline levels, it can strengthen the follicles of the hair by maintaining the pH level.