National Pizza Day 2021 UK: Hello! Pizza lovers, first of all, Happy National Pizza Day! Looking for great deals on this treaty occasion? Then his search led him to the right place. February 9 is considered and celebrated as National Pizza Day in the UK.

It is a cold climate in the UK; What else can make you happy other than round triangle slices topped with delicious toppings on your lap that are heated inside a square box? We are exactly talking about the delicious pizza.

History of National Pizza Day 2021 UK

Pizza is basically an Italian food little known in the world before World War II; Although the original birthplace of pizza is the southwestern region of Italy, it is known and consumed as flatbread with some toppings in the old days of Egypt, the Romans and the Greeks.

Workers needed cheap, easy-to-eat foods that would make them feel less hungry for a long time. This is when flatbreads with various toppings appear. Later, it was introduced around the world and became popular in many countries including the UK.

New inventions, new flavors, traditional touches, fresh spices, and various toppings like tomato, onion, sauces, garlic, and cheese added to pizza created history around the world. Learn about the multiple deals that many stores are offering on behalf of National Pizza Day 2021 UK in the next section.

Various offers and promotions

• Pizza Hut: The world famous store offers an exclusive one-day offer to celebrate National Pizza Day; plus when you spend £ 25 more you get 50% off all pizzas.

• PizzaExpress: launched three new pizzas in the name of National Pizza Day; You get a 20% discount when you order by delivery. The offer is valid until February 28, so buy special Pizza, The Quattro Formaggi Piccante, Napoletana and Mushroom & Truffle, with a 20% discount.

• Domino’s Pizza: To celebrate National Pizza Day 2021 in the UK, Domino’s is giving away great deals where from February 7, when you order a pizza, you get another one completely free, a perfect way to enjoy with the family .

• Papa John’s: The store now offers a SunYay 2-4-1 deal, where when you order one pizza, you get the other one free. This offer isn’t limited to just National Pizza Day, so go with your family and friends for the pleasure.

Final verdict

Pepperoni, Neapolitan, Sicilian, Detroit, Cheese, Veggie, Margherita, and BBQ chicken pizza are some of the most famous chicken pizzas in the world. According to our research, among various types of pizzas, pepperoni pizza is the one most liked by people in the UK. 18% of pizza eaters order pepperoni toppings, 17% choose a meat feast, while 14% love ham.

What is your favorite pizza? Let us know in the comment section. Rush! Take advantage of the National Pizza Day 2021 UK deals before the deal ends.