Peter Kalmus has been a popular name in science. He is a well-known scientist. He works as a data scientist for NASA’s renowned laboratory. Today, he’s in the news and his supporters in the United States want to know what is driving him so hot. This NASA Kalmus blog post will provide information about this persona and his arrest.

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Peter Kalmus: NASA Data Scientist

Peter Kalmus works as a climate and data scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. His books include Being the Change, which he is well-known for being an author. He was born on May 9, 1975. He studied at Columbia University and Harvard University. He is also the cofounder and CEO of the app Earth Hero. He has put in extraordinary efforts for NASA. But, for some reason, he got arrested. You can read the rest of this article.

Why was Scientist NASA Kalmus Arrested?

Perhaps you have heard of the protests by scientists regarding the climate crisis. This good cause saw some scientists arrested. Peter Kalmus was a member of this group. They had been protesting against financial institutions’ partial financing of fossil fuels and climate crises. The group chained itself to the JPMorgan Building, Los Angeles, and protested against Fossil Fuels’ financing. After the tearful protest, Peter went viral. In a very short viral video, Peter spoke out about the effects of global heat. He also stated that they were not making fun of us all and that everything would go. This made NASA Kalmus very popular.

Did Peter go to protest for a worthy cause?

We must take care of our environment. Many things have contributed to raising the temperature of the Earth. Peter stood up for the preservation of our planet. His main objective is to preserve the globe, as fossil fuels can be extracted for profits. Nobody is concerned about our planet. He also claimed that scientists are not being heard by the government. He is taking on a risk for our planet. He said that he did this not just for them, but also for everyone.

NASA Kalmus blocked the JPMorgan Building

According to reports they chose to block the building’s entrance because JPMorgan is the most recent fossil fuel project of all the investment banks. They stated that they prefer to invest in fossil projects than banks, and that they fund them instead. This was the main argument for JPMorgan’s blockade.

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He took this action because the government doesn’t listen to him and nobody cares for the planet. During this protest, his video was viral. NASA Kalmus talked about the investment methods for fossil fuel projects.

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