Do you want to know more about traditional clothing and its authenticity? Then we are here to tell you the same in our Nala Designs Baju Kurung article. We will also allow the reader to realize the legality and cultural value of this outfit. The dress is worn in many countries, but mainly in Malaysia. Let’s read on.

What is Baju Kurung?

It is a knee-length folk costume with full sleeves. It is paired with a long skirt known as kain. The wearer can wear it in her own way. This feminine outfit can also be accompanied by a scarf on the head. The outfit is semi-formal and is a two-piece skin-tight one. It is a traditional Malayan costume from the 15th century. Nala Designs Baju Kurung is a “closed dress” designed especially for women.

Unique in Baju Kurung

The outfit is loose with a comfortable hem. Baju kurung is the national clothing of Malaysia. It has cultural values ​​and provides a high level of ease and usefulness to users. A great cut, long sleeves and a comfortable cut make them suitable both for people who want to stay in comfort and display cultural values.

This is an Asian dress that showcases cultural ethics. It has a sophisticated look and a stylish look. Women can be creative with this dress and they can flaunt it in their own way.

Specifications of Nala Designs Baju Kurung

• Price: SGD 60

• Color: red tile

• Sold for 700 ringgits.

• Size – XS

• Collarless uniform with long sleeves.

• Covering the hips and knees.

• Preferred by traditionalists.

• Available in geometric patterns and vibrant colors.

• It has a clasp on the neck.

• Looks like new.

• Fade and shrink resistant.

Pros of Baju kurung

• Traditional Malay dress that revalues ​​the country’s tradition.

• It has a loose cut which provides relief for women wearers.

• Long dress with a nice appearance and unique style.

• Due to the material, it can be worn in any weather.

• Nala Designs Baju Kurung is suitable for religious purposes when combined with a headscarf.

• Women can combine it with their favorite jewelry.

• Also great for attending traditional Malay weddings.

• Suitable for both everyday and special occasions.

• The outfit perfects the Malayan dress and symbolizes Malaysia’s heritage.

• Perfect for both Muslims and non-Muslims

• Functions as an approved uniform for civilian female workers.

• It is one of the many regional costumes that speaks of cultural values ​​and is also worn in other countries; Singapore, Thailand etc.

• The dress is perfect both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Disadvantages of Nala Designs Baju Kurung

• Dress code may restrict your freedom of movement.

• Has limited style and fashion.

• Not suitable for activities that require mobility such as running, climbing and jumping.

• Size and color restriction.

• Not attractive enough for evening occasions.

Is Baju Kurung Legal?

Our research says that this cultural attire is legal because it is widely recognized in the market. The official site where it is sold is trustworthy. We have seen many reviews of this product and all of them are positive. Nala Designs Baju Kurung buyers shared their shopping experience and are satisfied with the condition of the product. Seeing all this, we find this outfit reliable.

Customer feedback about Baju Kurung

Customers who have bought this outfit seem to be satisfied with the condition and novelty of the product. The dress is inspired by Asian culture and heritage. The product received 4.8 stars.

The dress belongs to a lifestyle brand offering design. On the sale page of this fashionable clothing, users appreciated this outfit in many ways. They are pleased with the novelty, colors and finish of this dress.

Final Verdict:

Nala Designs Baju Kurung is a reliable, loved product that has gained a lot of recognition among users. It makes buyers’ purchases extremely memorable and satisfying.

A dress is a must for ladies who love to shop for a reason. We suggest readers a safe, relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience. Please read the information carefully before purchasing the product. Please post your valuable comments here.