The state of Georgia in the United States is launching a new website, Myvaccingeorgia com, where eligible residents can register for vaccinations. The new site is currently under maintenance and people cannot access it.

However, Governor Brian Kemp says a website launched to register vaccines would facilitate this process and help all residents sign up to get injections to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The website was launched to help all eligible Phase 1A residents register for and obtain vaccines at state-supported immunization centers. Thus, eligible residents can now pre-register for online vaccination.

What is Myvaccingeorgia com? is the official website launched by Governor Brian Kemp to help eligible Georgian residents register for COVID-19 vaccination. The site was registered only 12 days ago and is therefore in maintenance. Residents eligible for Phase 1A COVID-19 vaccination can now pre-register online for vaccination directly from the official website.

However, locals need to understand that is just a search term as the official website is

Even unauthorized residents can pre-register on the website to receive updates and email notifications and know when to get the vaccine. Eligible residents can register to receive the vaccine and make an appointment at any state-supported vaccination center throughout Georgia in the United States.

As Myvaccingeorgia com is in a maintenance state, residents cannot access the online application form.

Who is on the priority immunization list?

Priority residents include those aged 65 and over, residents and staff of long-term care facilities, carers, law enforcement, ambulance services, firefighters, healthcare professionals, and 911 operators.

• High-risk frontline and healthcare professionals

• Adults over 65 years of age

• Lifeguards and residents of long-term care facilities

These people are on the priority list and would have received a priority appointment and vaccination earlier. They must visit Myvaccingeorgia com for vaccine pre-registration.

How do I register on the website for vaccination?

You need to follow a few simple steps to register and pre-register for vaccinations at any of the four vaccination centers throughout Georgia.

• Go to the official website of

• Share your necessary details such as name, age and address to register and pre-register

• A notification e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address within 24-48 hours of registration

• The e-mail contains details of the meeting schedule

• Residents are required to register for the vaccine and confirm their visit to an approved vaccination center

• Residents must download an appointment on their mobile phone as it contains a QR code that must be generated at the vaccination site


All states go to great lengths to keep the country coronavirus free. It is an attempt to vaccinate without problems. Residents can now register and make an appointment for a vaccination visit at a state-supported vaccination center via Myvaccingeorgia com.

Please note that the site was recently launched and is currently under maintenance. You must wait until your registration can be accepted.

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