More than a hundred million US adults live with prediabetes and diabetes. It avows hypo and hyper-glaucoma as a threat to urban society. Not to mention it’s a driving factor of amputation, kidney failure, and permanent loss of vision. It is likewise a contributor to heart disease and stroke.

We are sick of hearing repeated words again and again, and it’s high time to dispel all the misconceptions. Following are some of the misconceptions that prevail in the mind of an individual.

Myth number 1

  • Diabetes patients can’t have sugar-sweetened meals.

It’s one of the most common diabetes-related myths. The fact is that diabetes patients can have a diet with moderate to less amount of Sugar. People with diabetes can eat sweets.

  • Type 2 diabetes is less detrimental.

It’s another glaucoma-related misconception. Ideally, no form of diabetes is mild. If you fail to manage type 2 diabetes, it can have fatal consequences.

  • People with type 2 diabetes are likely to go blind or become non-functional.

Dr. Vina Bang says that type 2 diabetes is the cause of amputation and blindness, but blood sugar level control can help prevent the ill effects of diabetes.

  • Type 2 diabetes patients shouldn’t drive cars.

No, it’s not true. It doesn’t apply to all, and Hypoglycemia patients are advised not to drive. An endocrinologist in Nagpur claims, type 2 diabetes is curable, and you ought to get tested before you ride.

  • Diabetes patients shouldn’t participate in SPORTS.

It isn’t true.

Several athletes cope with diabetes and cholesterol, and Exercise should be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

It’s essential to keep track of sugar count while exercising, and it’s wise to keep a control app or diabetes meter with you.

  • Type 2 diabetes affects fat people.

Diabetes 2 is associated with obese and overweight people, but it doesn’t mean that it only affects fat individuals. Research proves that about 20% to 25% of diabetes type 2 patients are underweight or have average body weight.

  • Diabetes type 2 patients are more likely to fall sick.

People with type 2 diabetes are no longer susceptible to flu than anyone else. No doubt that illness makes patience Weak or Diabetes hard to manage. An endocrinologist in Nagpur tells you to stay mindful of the Flu facts.

  • People with diabetes can’t qualify for life insurance

Sadly many people think that having diabetes prevents you from obtaining life insurance.  Matt Schmidt from Diabetes 365 mentions “people with diabetes have never had more options in terms of companies to choose from.  Life insurance for diabetics is very affordable and easy to obtain.  Even gestational diabetes life insurance rates are cheaper than they’ve ever been.”

  • Type 1 Diabetes patients don’t need insulin injectables.

There are endless stories about people diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, managing it with dietary jests to avoid taking insulin. In 2016 a 10-year-old Hungarian boy tried to escape insulin injection by following a paleo diet that consists of animal meat, eggs, and offal. There are rumors of Halle Berry, an American actress trying to wean off of insulin with cheat diets.

  • Walmart Insulin injections are not as good as the expensive ones.

The price of insulin injections tripled over in the latter half of 2019, driving diabetes patients to search for Cheaper alternatives. The Levemir vial costs you 380 dollars, and patients need three vials in 1 month. Walmart sells insulin vials at 24.88 dollars. Dr. Vina Bang says that these insulin injections are not worthless. But they aren’t a feasible option to most.