Have you ever tried placing orders on new platforms? Which are some factors that you must look out for when making purchases from courses platforms? What can you do to verify the legitimacy of an courses site’s authenticity?

This article will cover some of the facts surrounding an courses platform that offers its services across the United States, Russia and other countries around the globe.

Click through the headers in this article to find out more information about Myslippers reviews which will reveal whether it is a safe place to shop or not.

What is Myslippers?

As mentioned previously, Myslippers is an e-commerce site that was launched to offer warm and comfortable slippers to their customers. The brand also offers hereditary furriers. which refers to the fur slippers as well as footwear made with the base of leather.

The company claims to be founded in 1825, and has served the finest quality over several years. They also claim that their website is home to 2346 customers, offering appropriate delivery options and sharing best images and expressions.

Let’s go through the information to Are Myslippers legitimate?to determine if you can order safe from this website or not.

Specifications of Myslippers:

  • Website Selling Fur Slippers that are made from leather.
  • URL: https://myslippers.ru/o_nas/
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 117485, Moscow, St. Miklukho-Maclay, 39,
  • The contact number is not listed in the website.
  • Delivery Time: Estimated following placing the order.
  • Shipping Cost: Supposed to be between 260 and 400r.
  • Delivery: Days calculated following placing the order in its final form.
  • Returns: No details mentioned.
  • Refund: No Information Available.
  • Payment options: Customers must to transfer their funds in the form of Sberbank Card.

After examining the technical aspects of this website, let’s look into the pros and cons for more clarity on Myslippers Review. .

Pros of the Platform:

  • The site promises to sell authentic leather and fur products.
  • The website lists a number of alternatives for shoes on its website.
  • The site that is used to promote the site is attractiveand draws the customer’s attention immediately.

Cons of the Platform:

  • Contact numbers for the website are not available on the platform.
  • Payment Methods on the site are also restricted.
  • The policies on refunds of the website are not also mentioned.
  • The website utilizes a third party mail id for customer service.
  • Review along with Online Links of the platform are also not available on the web.

Is Myslippers Legit?

Many factors have to be considered before making claims about the authenticity in courses platforms. We have analyzed all of these factors to determine the legitimacy of Myslippers. Myslippers website and have outlined these in the tips listed below. Give these points some time to see if you can trust this site or not.

  • We haven’t been able to find the date of registration of this site, since there aren’t any details available for it.
  • The social media appearance of this platform has been absent on the internet.
  • The majority of the site’s images and content are copied from other websites, it is in danger of losing its credibility.
  • Myslippers reviews on the internet and on the website are absent.
  • The Trust Score as well as the Alexa ranking for the site are not present.
  • The website hasn’t mentioned its refund policy on the site.
  • Payment options on the platform are also restricted which makes it difficult to process transactions and order.

All of these factors regarding the website discussed suggest that it’s to be not a secure platform, as the majority of reviews do not favor the site. Therefore, let’s look down to read the reviews on this website to gain more understanding of the.

Myslippers Reviews :

After looking through multiple hyperlinks and information available for this site, we did not discover any positive features. Reviews of the website and its products are not present, and the trust score of the website is not present, which is an indication of its legitimacy.

This brand new platform is at risk of scams It is recommended not to provide any bank or personal information on the platform unless you are you are 100% certain of the credibility.

Receive your Money Return to PayPal If you’re scammed

Final Verdict:

When we look through the details of Myslippers reviews ,we can conclude that the website is a brand new one that isn’t many are aware of. Thus the trust score for the website is low and the details of the owner of the website are not disclosed yet.